TSR Ep. 8 | Part 1: Algix & Bloom Foam with CTO/Co-Founder Ryan W Hunt

The Sustainability Report Ep. 9 | Part 2: The Bloom Foam Performance Strobel





In Part 1 of our tour to the Algix facility in Meridian Mississippi Ryan Hunt explains how Algix takes harmful algae blooms and returns clean water to areas that have experienced HABs. This is really important as 21 beaches in Mississippi are currently closed due to HABs. The amazing thing is that Algix has created Bloom Foam to actually monetize the clean up process, but in doing so I’ve learned that not enough companies are taking advantage of the technology. While many brands are promoting the recycling of plastic from the ocean, the process of creating clean water in a way that actually adds sustainability to footwear while also helping to get rid of very harmful eco-system problems on a more local level in many instances is being overlooked.


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