High School Basketball Summer Report Card – Part 1: Whitehaven Looks Legit

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June team camps are over. The scrimmages are over. The practices, all done. We will not see high school basketball teams back in action until the fall but I can give you something to look forward to as we edge closer and closer to the 2024-2025 season.

Whitehaven Looks Legit

I like this team. I think pound for pound, they may be the best team in the city heading into next year and while things could change, I like the makeup of this group, from the starting line up to the 6th man. I’m not sure if there is a team in the area more talented. Does talent always win? No, but it’s important to have. You can be a really good X and O coach but if you don’t have players, it’s tough to win.

Coach Willie Kemp, in his second year, has plenty of talent on hand. 6’6, 6’6, 6’8, are 3 of his 5 starters. Add to that, one of the best 5 seniors in Memphis in Taquez “King’ Butler and 6’2 Jarmon Brittman, Taquez King Butler. Cam Brown, Dorion Bowen, Butler, KJ Smith and Ottabwa “Bob” Dickson New Balance Nabbed Marvin Harrison Jr. and Now Enters the Football Arena.

Dickson, to be honest with you, at times I thought was the best player in 16 AAAA basketball last year in their league. I think along with Bowen, he’s key to their success. Butler can play both guard spots with an offensive game as good as anyone in the city. He can play make and benefits from all of the talent, making life a tad bit easier for him. Between all of the Killer B’s the W will not have issues scoring the ball.

Rebounding won’t be an issue with Dickson and Brittman but defensively is where they will have to lean in more. They have a defensive stalwart in Smith who will hound most opposing guards into turnovers, but offense is their forte. I expect them to be one of the higher scoring teams in the city next year and just be too much for most teams. Their depth is an issue, but this is summer league and I’m sure other players may just not be there or if I’m being honest, they just haven’t transferred there yet. They could have a few guys playing football as well so we will see. The point is though the Tigers look like a team that has legitimate state aspirations.









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