295 by Sidhu Moose Wala channels Xzibit’s Classic ‘Paparazzi’

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One of the greatest Hip-Hop songs in the genre is Paparazzi by Xzibit. X became known more for his participation in the MTV show “Pimp My Ride”. Prior to his hosting the show he was recognized as one of the best lyricists in the Liquid Crew from Los Angeles. The album 40 Days and 40 … Read more

yeezy shoes sply 350 2017 price list free ft. Joey Bada$$ – The Highs & The Lows (2022) | Redemption of Chano

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The irony of music is the ability for people to say that emcees or musicians fall off. Art is a difficult partner. It can prevent madness or drive a person to madness. Finding the fine line between creative genius and attracting a mainstream following that will allow the artist to live is like seeing the … Read more

Even in Claymation Pharrell Reps adidas in Cash In Cash Out Video ft. 21 Savage and Tyler, The Creator


Electric Theatre Collective delivered what could eventually become an ad for adidas. Pharrell’s latest song features his signature four count drop into a speaker rattling 808 with bars delivered by 21 Savage and Tyler, the Creator. The video FX appear to be claymation, but the detail is so incredible it’s hard to think that the … Read more

16 (feat. Bennie Herron) | New Music Monday


When the artist is a painter and a poet from Southeast San Diego everything blends to create a palette of culture at its finest. Hip-Hop used to mean something and you could still vibe, b-boy to it and elevate to it. Bennie delivers a hook that feels like evidence of why, “We can’t get up, … Read more

Lupe Fiasco – “100 Chicagos” Highlights Chi Town’s Signature Sneaker History via the adidas Rose 3 and the Air Jordan 3


Lupe delivers several lyrics connecting Chicago to sneaker culture. He references Virgil Abloh and rocks two iconic kicks from the history of the Windy City: adidas Rose 3.0 Alternate and the White Cement Air Jordan 3 from MJ’s free throw line dunk. Not to mention that this short song feels like Food and Liquor. The … Read more

The Real Sneaker Culture is Represented at 53 Seconds of Phife’s “Forever”


At 53 seconds of this video and at 1:59 of the video there are true homages to the culture of Hip-Hop and sneakers. Sneaker Culture rose at the height of the golden era of Hip-Hop. Jordans were a staple, but closets used to be filled with a variety of brands. At 2:50 another sneaker and … Read more

New Music Mondays: Power Inside the Groove | Marcus Machado – Shape Shift ft. JSWISS, Ahrel Lumzy 


The song by Marcus Machado is a journey into the heart of Black America and an attempt at entering the psyche of White America. After 4 years of openly blatant racist actions during the Trump Administration, what has always existed has become much more prominent and visible. The cell phone has become a device of … Read more

Vince Allen | Album/Lookbook for “No One’s Watching” 


While you know arch as a discussion site for the sneaker industry, arch is also a media company with a small record label, video and photography services. Our connection to the sneaker industry inspires us to work with musicians, brands and labels to create an opportunity for the promotion of apparel companies and the artists. … Read more

New Music Mondays – JEWELZ by Anderson .Paak


I wanted to do something different for this New Music Monday, so this week I’m covering Anderson.Paak’s new song JEWELZ. I’m going to follow the same formula as my other New Music Mondays posts, except with a few differences. The song and video is interesting. It’s partially a marketing tool for Vans. Since this is … Read more

New Music Mondays – Sa Roc’s Sharecropper’s Daughter


Vince Score – The Vince score consists of scoring based on the topics below. Total points attainable: (100 pts) What’s the genre – Hip Hop Are the arrangements interesting? –  The arrangements are pretty good, while the first half isn’t incredibly strong, the second half past “Lay It Down” is incredible.(17/20) Is the lyrical content … Read more

New Music Mondays – HOWES3’s Moving Forward


Vince Score – The Vince score consists of scoring based on the topics below. Total points attainable: (100 pts) What’s the genre –  Jazz Fusion Are the arrangements interesting? – Yes. I may be a little biased as I’m a big jazz fusion fan, but I enjoyed the arrangements of the songs. The mix of … Read more

New Music Mondays – Alicia Keys’ Alicia


Source: Alicia Keys  Vince Score – The Vince score consists of scoring based on the topics below. Total points attainable: (100 pts) What’s the genre – Pop Are the arrangements interesting? – This is the first time since I’ve started doing album reviews that listening actually felt like a chore. This album is incredibly commercialized … Read more

New Music Mondays – Jose James’ No Beginning No End 2


Co-founder of Rainbow Blonde Records and spectacular artist in his own right, José James is often referred to as the jazz singer for the hip-hop generation. Source: José James -Rainbow Blonde Records Vince Score – The Vince score consists of scoring based on the topics below. Total points attainable: (100 pts) What’s the genre –  … Read more

New Music Mondays 3 – Gregory Porter’s “All Rise”


Official Site Source: Home – Gregory Porter Music Vince Score – The Vince score consists of scoring based on the topics below. Total points attainable: (100 pts) What’s the genre – The album is a mix of gospel and jazz, with some songs also having an emphasis on strings. Are the arrangements interesting? – While … Read more

adidas ultimate tee long sleeve women tops dress | New Music Mondays 2 | Nas’s King’s Disease


Nas website Source: Official Site Vince Score – The Vince score consists of scoring based on the topics below. Total points attainable: (100 pts) What’s the genre – The genre, put simply is hip-hop. Are the arrangements interesting? – As much as I like the album, several of the beats could be stronger. There are … Read more

Pharrell Williams – Entrepreneur (Official Video) ft. JAY-Z


Pharrell dropped a powerful new video displaying black entrepreneurs and accomplishments with his new song “Entrepreneur”. While the song isn’t the best, the video is so good the song almost becomes background music to it. I found myself actively trying to listen to the song and it’s lyrics without getting distracted. Honestly, lyrically the song … Read more

Racial Justice and Equality Benefit CD, by Dave Keller and Friends


I had the pleasure of working with Dave Keller on his upcoming album, which is being made to promote racial justice and equality. The album is being produced at Sugarhouse Soundworks with engineer extraordinaire Roger Stauss. Each song is a duet, with a different musical partner. All money raised from album sales will go to … Read more

New Music Mondays 1 | Fantastic Negrito’s Have You Lost Your Mind Yet? A Modern Rock/Soul Journey


Official website of the Black Roots Music Artist winner of two GRAMMY® awards for best contemporary blues album. Winner of the first NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest in 2015. Blues with a punk attitude from Oakland, CA. Live show can be described church without the religion. Source: Fantastic Negrito Vince Score – The Vince score … Read more

Vince Allen – Just How It Is (Official Lyric Video)


Amazon: https://amzn.to/3012dBX Apple Music: ‎Vince Allen on Apple Music Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4w5xw14MY5tU6P71nh49iA Spotify: spotify:album:4w5xw14MY5tU6P71nh49iA ‘Just How It Is’ is the seventh track on Vince Allen’s new album ‘No One’s Watching’. An unintentional protest song, it was written long before the current kim kardashian custom yeezy clothes for women protests. Album: No One’s Watching Label: CBP Music Songwriter: Vince Allen Distributed … Read more

Nic White – Stay A Few Days feat. Vince Allen (Lyric Video)


Nic White Stay (Original Version) Buy Now: https://amzn.to/35qtWwa Vince Allen Project Vol. 1 Buy Now: https://amzn.to/32bqbsy Vince Allen Project Vol. 2 Buy Now: https://amzn.to/32cDdG7 Vince Allen Buy Now: https://amzn.to/2B7F9Uw The instrumental to this track can be found on Vince Allen’s album Vince Allen. The original version of the song can be found on Nic White’s … Read more