adidas prophere qatar arabia today time | Prey | Hulu’s Attempt at Resetting the Predator Franchise Falls Short of Apocalypto but Works

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Set in the Comanche Nation 300 years ago, “Prey” is the story of a young woman, Naru, a fierce and highly skilled warrior. She has been raised in the shadow of some of the most legendary hunters who roam the Great Plains, so when danger threatens her camp, she sets out to protect her people. … Read more

adidas’ Diversification of Projects Shows a Positive Trend | Running While Black on Vice

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adidas and VICE TV are coming together to celebrate our differences, break down barriers, and create a platform to elevate Black athletes’ voices. In honor of Juneteenth and our new documentary series, Running While Black, VICE Media group and adidas are coming together for an all-day event in New York City with the Black running community, and you’re … Read more

When Does the Dream Die for Hoopers? Hustle on Netflix starring Adam Sandler


No spoilers One of the best coaches I know is named J.S. (I don’t want to disclose his name). I’ve known Coach S for almost twenty years. He’s no longer on the bench and it breaks my heart. Coach is one of the best basketball minds in the country. He’s worked at total level from … Read more

Servant Season 3 on Apple TV+ | A House is Not a Home


No spoilers (as difficult as it is to write this without saying anything about what happens in each episode…) Check out my Season 1 and 2 Discussions In my Season 1 analysis I stated, “Just when you think a character is one thing, they become something different.” In my Season 2 analysis I wrote, “At … Read more

Servant Season 2 on Apple TV+ Doesn’t Answer Questions, but Shifts the Madness


No spoilers ahead (read the season 1 review) Servant on Apple TV+ Season 1 is a Cracked Window with Tentacles Spreading to Where? After meeting Leanne in Season 1 and attempting to understand the narrative being laid out in this thriller, I realized as the first season closed an unreliable narrator, or in this case … Read more

adidas prophere qatar arabia today time | ESPN 30 For 30: The Greatest Mixtape Ever | Set Free Richardson Made Basketball Practice 15 Minutes Longer Everyday


Set Free Richardson orchestrated the biggest headache for high school head coaches across the country. When the And1 Mixtape thing spread to California I was a young head coach at Crawford High School in San Diego. I was still in college and got dragged into the gym because the coach the school hired had issues … Read more

Servant on Apple TV+ Season 1 is a Cracked Window with Tentacles Spreading to Where?


One of the most difficult aspects of writing about an unfinished work of art is the inability to discuss the whole. This is obvious but is overlooked in many reviews on YouTube and articles written about a particular story. I’m walking into Servant with only the trailer as an introduction, although it’s ridiculously difficult to … Read more

M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Old’ is a Study in Arbitrage, but is it Good?


I try not to do spoilers when I’m diving into a film discussion, so if parts of this post seem vague, chalk it up to me saving you from learning what the film is truly about. Old arrived in 2021. Because of Covid I avoided heading to the theaters to watch. I finally had a … Read more

High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America on Netflix is an Important Juneteenth Watch


Black food is American food. Chef and writer Stephen Satterfield traces the delicious, moving throughlines from Africa to Texas in this docuseries. If High on the Hog was a museum, my wife and I walked into the room and were overwhelmed with the beauty. Cooking is art and the idea of elevated cuisine is often … Read more

High Flying Bird on Netflix Is a Case Study on Disruption


I was packing kicks the other day and one of my peers, Parde, hit me on LinkedIn and said, “Go watch High Flying Bird.” It was cryptic and without any real information, but if Parde (featured in one of my Project + Exec interviews) says go do something, I go do it. Project + Exec … Read more

‘Amateur’ Gives A Glimpse Into Where Sports In The U.S. Could Go | The Backstory is a Master Class


Alright once I moved beyond the fact that dude got his sister killed… I could actually watch the film without screaming at Tariq for being a busta, lol. Actually, his name is Torren in the film Amateur, but talk about a kid who played his role a bit too well in Power, sheesh. Amateur is … Read more

WestWorld on HBO is A Philosophical Commentary Based On Our God Complex


Finished WestWorld last night and to be honest the 10 series-first season was very hard to push through on occasion. The pacing of the show is terrible. During viewings I often found myself dozing off at critical times causing me to rewind and watch again to make sure I wasn’t overlooking an important detail. The … Read more

Add Another Tool to Your Business Research | hard shell adidas white pearl black dress sneakers


I have a number of tools that I used to develop ideas or maintain my focus on business. I often visit and of course I read books that can assist me in gaining some type of edge. This is absolutely necessary when you are a sole proprietor/entrepreneur. Often a small businessperson sits isolated on … Read more

It’s Complicated…Kind of a review


Okay that title is pretty vague, and I will be the first to say that this blog does not get a crazy amount of traffic, so being vague is not a good thing. I love the blog: . Not because the title derived from my favorite author, but because the blog has the most … Read more

adidas drawstring crop hoodie size conversion: a review


(Originally posted in 2010 revised for MLK Day 2015) On January 1st, I dropped a trailer for the film adidas drawstring crop hoodie size conversion. I didn’t know a lot about the film, but I knew that Kerry Washington and Anthony Mackie were the lead actors and to me this meant that it was a movie worth my … Read more

What Did You Do On Summer Break? – A Review


This question is one that brings to memory, for most people, the first day of school. I recall primarily happy narratives when someone asks me this today. It almost seems that I can’t remember anything really bad occurring during summer break. Well, if you don’t count the bowl cut and the jogging suit my mom … Read more

adidas 3 stripe pants navy and yellow boots women- More than a Love Story


This is my first movie review. I’m not proclaiming to be Siskel or Ebert. I may be more like one of the guys in the balcony on The Muppet show; nevertheless, a spur of the moment date with my wife led us to the movies where we watched the much-anticipated adidas 3 stripe pants navy and yellow boots women directed by … Read more

The Butler on MLK Day


Just watched “The Butler” and thoroughly enjoyed the film. Although the script was a bit like Forrest Gump (not in a good way) in its attempt to navigate the movement of the Civil Rights era through the fictional son Louis Gaines, in parallel to the time Cecil Gaines was in servitude at the White House. … Read more

Marketing 101… Then Again Maybe Not: “Branded” – An Analysis


When I watch a film I tend to have a completely different reason than most. I typically avoid the hedonistic approach. I am not really watching to gain satisfaction or for simple entertainment. I’m watching as a writer. I think this is something that has followed me since my time as an MFA student. I … Read more