Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike, is Powerful, but Reminds that Nike was Created by both Hard Work and Privilege

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Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike: Knight, Phil: 9781501135910: Books: I read Just Do It by Donald Katz when I was building my sneaker company arch. I knew reading about Nike’s growth during an important moment in the history of the company could provide insight into running my own sneaker brand. … Read more

Dexter by Design: A review

blank In the fourth book in the Dexter series, Jeff Lindsay continues the struggle of the forensic blood spatter analyst/serial killer Dexter Morgan. After reading the previous books, I expected to get back to fireworks, or better bloodworks in the fourth book. In Dexter In The Dark, the author decided to utilize the creation story … Read more

Get Sh*t Done-How to Stop Quitting and Start Succeeding | Procrastination is a Drug

blank There are moments when you decide to become a businessperson where you hear names. These names always pop in discussions about entrepreneurship and speaking. Chris Cooper is one of those names. His name is not as big as a Tony Robbins or other major league motivational speakers, but those who know, kind of just … Read more

The Dragon’s Tooth: Ashtown Burials 1 by N.D. Wilson – a review


Typically, my reviews are less reviewish and more analysis, but what does that matter? They are all pretty informative so what do you expect of this one? Okay, you see the cover? Kid with dark hair, the author’s name has two initials and the last name, the title has a mythical quality and the first … Read more

The Bond: More than a review

blank (revised from 2011) Last week I bought Gil Scott Heron’s final cd “I’m New Here“. For a week straight I have played this album from beginning to end while driving around the city taking care of my small business. As an avid Gil Scott fan, I am always overwhelmed by the power of his … Read more

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The third book in Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter series, Dexter in the Dark, takes a detour from the first and second novels. Upon being introduced to the dark hero Dexter, I found myself drawn to the simplistic nature of his horrible, handsome, hidden desire to murder. This created a paradox and an unsettling feeling for me. I … Read more

I Want You To Shut The F#CK Up – Admiration, not a review

blank Comedians can tell you that you smell like ass, and they can be brutally honest in doing so, and you will smile and say, “Man they sure are funny!” I mean it is the one job where honesty is expected and can be tolerated. Often the words of a comedian will be used in … Read more

Inferno by Dan Brown: not a review, but a long, thoughtful sigh


Dan Brown is not a good writer. He’s a freaking great writer. Okay, this is argumentative since many feel that contemporary fiction is often too simple and will not have the longevity of the Classics. The thing about this frame of thought is that the Classics were once contemporary. I’ve read several of the abstruse … Read more

The Walking Dead Compendium: a review/connection

blank The Walking Dead on AMC is my favorite show since the X-Files. I’ve watched each season with anticipation and when the last season ended a few weeks back, I went into withdrawals. Yep, those kind of withdrawals. The ones that only a person hooked on something like pizza would understand. I needed a fix … Read more

nike track super fly r 4 mens 9.5 boots for women | Honky: Another quirky book review

blank This is one of the few times that I get to write the word Honky and not feel kind of funny about writing it. Therefore, I am going to write the word Honky every few words simply to establish that using the word Honky does not make me George Jefferson. For those of you … Read more

Rework by Jason Fried and David Hansson


(Written in 2011) What is Rework? Rework is a book on rethinking what it is to be a small businessperson. The book was written by the founders of 37signals. Real quick, what I just did by inserting their link into this blog post has helped to increase their SEO. Why is this important in a … Read more

womens nike free with glitter shoes kids sneakers: Kind of a review


I have finally reached the fifth installment in the Dexter Series. Last week my wife showed me a gif on Tumblr. In this rotating gif a man was dragging himself from his living room sofa with his legs laying behind him like a wounded seal. The man’s face was a twisted canvas of satisfaction and … Read more

A review…on pimpin’…and business…yep


I recently had an opportunity to get an early copy of the Tao of Pimpin: a folktale by Blue. First, Blue is one of the most genuine internet personalities I’ve ever virtually met (I’ve never seen or met Blue in person, but that’s besides the point… it does let you know that this is not a … Read more

Being A Black Man (at the corner of progress and peril): An analysis


Being a Black Man at the Corner of Progress and Peril is a collection of news articles by the staff at the Washington Post. After reading The Bond, Disintegration and Honky, picking up this book followed suit with my current fascination with race; in particular Black men and how they are perceived by not only … Read more

Disintegration: The Splintering of Black America – an analysis


Disintegration written by Eugene Robinson (Washington Post) is a carefully drawn discussion on Black America in the 21st century. Actually, the book is an analysis of all Black people in the post-civil rights era. While race in America remains an unapproachable subject that is often balanced on the razor’s edge, Robinson’s definition of race as … Read more

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest: A review


Buy Now: Stieg Larsson writes with an attention to detail of an investigative journalist seeking to create a narrative that educates and entertains. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest is an excellent work of fiction that has the mimesis and verisimilitude that college professors speak of when addressing works in a literature course. … Read more

The Girl Who Played With Fire: A Review


Buy Now: A couple of days ago, I did a grand disservice to Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I sandwiched a review of the book into the middle of a social commentary on whether Blacks read White books. Honestly, who gives a damn? I know what I do give a damn … Read more

nike track super fly r 4 mens 9.5 boots for women | Do Black People Read White Books? The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


Buy Now: Obviously if I’m writing a quick review of a “White” book then Black people do read White books. An interesting thing does exist in literature, however. Typically, a White author is only approached by Blacks while they are in college. Introduction to Lit courses are filled with the rich literary history of … Read more

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown: A Review


Dan Brown has crafted several novels that resulted in a massive number of sales and in all honesty created an industry in tourism. His novels Angels and Demons and The Davinci Code sparked tours and ignited a fascination with symbols, myths, conspiracies and controversy. The Lost Symbol, released in 2009 has not generated the same … Read more

Dearly Devoted Dexter: A Quickie


Buy Now: After reading the Millenium Trilogy (Girl Who Played with Fire, etc.) I needed a book to read. I read the first Dexter: Darkly Dreaming Dexter a few months back and enjoyed the first book which was so unlike the show that I actually forgot what the show was about. So I went … Read more