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Christopher D. Burns, MFA (Founder/Owner of JmksportStore & JmksportStore Consultation)

JmksportStore (art + research, culture-hype) provides visitors with an experience built around business discussions and analysis, coverage of interesting fashion, music, books, film, culinary and sports events. Services available include consultation for entrepreneurs, brands, retailers and speaking engagements.

Books Available:

My consulting concept is built on 4 Steps:

  • see a potential problem, or analyze a current issue
  • build a discussion
  • research the issue
  • formulate a solution for consideration

e-mail: [email protected] (Click the link to read the bio.)

I developed the marketing strategy Niche-Out and E.N.D.E.A.R.S.  Here on JmksportStore, I provide footwear and apparel business analysis under the Business Talk and Insider Ties categories. I also cover art, music, and fashion under the Dope S–t I Like category. The Business Talk, Insider Ties and Project + Exec categories have garnered me coverage on:

Additional Information:

  • JmksportStore Consultation | Allow me to help you build a long-form content strategy (writing/blogging to improve SEO) for your marketing efforts. Now more than ever it’s getting harder to reach your intended clients. This is a multichannel world and the old and new ways of marketing are becoming less efficient. JmksportStore Consulting will look into your business (sole proprietor, small business or corporation) and help to create a consistent strategy for producing written content that will be indexed and searchable improving your long term marketing strategy.
  • Thanks a million | After operating my footwear company JmksportStore for 5 years out of my own pocket I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for my third running shoe.
  • JmksportStore Investment | JmksportStore Investment is no longer accepting clients. The program was successful in utilizing footwear as an investment. It was a great program.
  • CB Publishing | You can also visit CBP where Chris has his book publishing and music label information: http://www.cbpublish.com
  • JmksportStore Office Rental: The JmksportStore office is a cowork styled space designed for YouTubers or Employers who need to interview clients in a  quiet, professional location. The studio features:
    • Two round end tables
    • Four accent chairs
    • 1 couch for a more personal interview
    • Rohn Padmores Fashionista

    You don’t need to bring your own camera or tripod. The office features a Nikon DSLR for your use. All you need to bring is an SD Card. If you’d like to utilize your phone, the tripod features a telephone tripod mount adapter.

    Click to Schedule your appointment time. 1 hour minimum

  • 6150 East Shelby Drive
  • Memphis, TN. 38141

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  1. From Facebook

    Christopher D. Burns LOL, nah, I actually like NB. Enough so that I design my last shoe after their models. The S.E.A.L. New Balance resold for over 300 per pair and some models still go for that much. This issue is a sign of the times. Everything is taken out of context now.

    -Question: Do you/did you have any problems from NB by using their models?

    • Not a single issue. Once I realized that it didn’t make sense for me as a small company on a bootstrap budget to try and create a shoe from the ground up, I didn’t even try it anymore. I knew that when I made Sho-Shot and I used the And1 outsole on that shoe I saved a ton of money on that release. As long as the outsole logo is removed then there isn’t an issue. BUTTTTTT you have to be very careful. Using a “free” outsole can lead to infringement issues so be careful if you decide to do it. We do live in a litigious society.

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