5 Alternatives to Taking Yeezy Day Ls

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Yeezy Day arrived, and you could time your day with the barrage of Twitter and social complaints about the CONFIRMED app and Yeezy Supply being botted. As sneaker culture becomes a monotonous routine of launch, complain, repeat, it’s always wise to look in the nooks and crannies to find flavors outside of the fast-food nature … Read more

5 Nike Dunk Panda Alternatives to Change it Up

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Rules for this list are obviously based on if the sneaker is black and white, but I removed the restriction of it being a court styled sneaker. Surprisingly, not many brands are bold enough to outright copy the color blocking of the Panda. That may be a matter of timing. Who knew the Panda would … Read more

adidas glisan bib for sale in texas area | The Top 10 Overlooked Collabs of 2022


This list won’t be either/or. There will be a combination of simplicity and subtlety in some instances, and design and uniqueness to make the list. The goal is to deliver insight into work taking place alongside of more popular sneaker collabs. Overlooked means there won’t be any New Balance or Jordan Brand collabs, but this … Read more

Reset the Game with this Yeezy Slide Alternative from Axel Arigato


AXEL ARIGATO – Magma Sandal The fascination with Yeezy Slides has led to a resale price of over 200 dollars on what’s an under 100 priced shoe. Ye’s influence is obviously the driving force behind the chunky platform look of the slide that has replaced Nike socks and Jordan slides. While Crocs are still the … Read more

10 adidas essentials racing stripe tights Ready to Age Up the Wardrobe


The time it takes for me to choose a pair of sneakers every day, although I don’t work with anyone and my sneakers aren’t even seen, is ridiculous. I love my shoes. I have the benefit of having gone through my brand phases with adidas and Nike. I even have my favorite Jordans, but as … Read more

adidas glisan bib for sale in texas area | Top 10 Sneakers Perfect for Valentine’s Day


While many of us aren’t thinking about Delta or Omicron and are venturing out into big crowds, some of us are choosing to find alternative methods of celebrating Valentine’s Day. I discovered one of the best spots in my city for a recent birthday celebration. I took the family to Folk’s Folly here in Memphis … Read more

Predictions, Why You Should Question Yeezy over Jumpman, and The Top Sold Sneakers in 2021 via arch Data


In this video, I discuss why sneaker media needs to be careful accepting the Point of Sales data stating that Yeezy/adidas jumped over the Jumpman, again. Remember in 2017 this was stated, but I found that the data didn’t include Nike’s Direct Sales: Why You Should Question NPD’s Data About adidas Overtaking Jordan Brand I … Read more

The Best 5 Fitness Shoes to Jumpstart 2022


Fitness is an ongoing struggle for everyone. Sedentary lifestyles require that we sit at computers the majority of the day and then Netflix and Chilling, catches us lounging and binging our nights away. Finding the time to workout is somewhere in between but is always given a backseat when the time comes to climb off … Read more

The Top 5 Eco-Friendly Running Shoes


Source: Zen Running Club ZR 01 Snow White / Cool Grey / Cantaloupe 1. Zen Running Club is a startup that took a huge swing with their first shoe. Using a similar construction to the number 2 shoe on this list, the addition of a flywire styled lacing system added to the knit upper, and … Read more

A Trifecta of Dope Design from Danner | My Top 3 Options for Rugged Style


Danner has never really hit me with a “need to share pair” from the classic outdoor brand. It’s kind of like Merrell. I never thought about Merrell until I began to read about the company and I found that they made some of the best looking shoes in the business. My wife commenced to breaking … Read more

Top 10 Sneakers for Date Night


It’s getting colder, but you still don’t want to break out the Timbs just yet. You want a sneaker that can survive the cold weather, but isn’t just another plain white pair of tennis shoes. Maybe you’re married, or maybe this is your first date. You want your partner to check you out from head … Read more

5 Waterproof Timberland Kicks that Aren’t Your Regular Timbs


Timberland is no longer the dominant force in Hip-Hop that it once was. Styles change over time and brands relying on staple footwear can find themselves looking back at the good old says and hoping that heritage and nostalgia will drive engagement and interest. Timberland doesn’t have a retail store in this region, so what … Read more

5 Running Shoes for Beginners to Hit the Road in Perfect Running Weather


photo via Hoka One One The seasons are changing and with that comes the perfect morning running weather. When the fall arrives putting in a mile or two in the a.m. is much easier to do. One of the most difficult aspects of beginning a running routine is convincing people that the heat won’t hurt … Read more

The Top 5 Basketball Shoes to Hoop In for Fall 2021 Under 100 Dollars


Hoops season is right around the corner and the squeak on gym floors can be heard as ballers prepare for a year with fans back in gyms (hopefully). When I coached, I had to find sneakers that were both functional and cost effective. My players’ families didn’t have a lot of cash, so we couldn’t … Read more

Top 10 Running Lifestyle Sneakers $100 Dollars and Under for Holiday 21


The arrival of inventory is slow envious to the supply chain disruptions and manufacturing shut downs in countries where footwear production takes place. This will shape retail throughout the holiday season. While many of the coveted sneakers have already arrived and will be available, those shoes tend to be in the high to premium price … Read more

5 Alternatives to the Air Jordan 1


The Air Jordan 1 remains the most copied and counterfeited shoe in the sneaker game. Nike has taken extreme measures to protect their cash cow. The irony is that in the 80s when it was first made, the Pony City Wings and a host of shoes had a similar design. Nike also “knocked off” there … Read more

10 Wheat/Tan Sneakerboot Options for Fall/Winter ’21


Brand/Style: Onitsuka Tiger Big Logo Trainer Puffed Source: Unisex BIG LOGO TRAINER PUFFED | Tan Presidio/Tan Presidio | Shoes | Onitsuka Tiger Price: 160.00 Description: ASICS nailed this look. I don’t know if it’s really winter ready, but it’s definitely an option for fall. There is a bubble jacket on the site that will give … Read more

adidas camo shoes womens pink sneakers if You Need a Break from Stan Smiths 


Court shoes, in my opinion, will always mean tennis shoes. The brand I associate with court shoes the most is adidas. Their classic Rod Laver and Stan Smith models remain staples in the brands Originals footwear. The Stan Smith is so iconic, other brands have mimicked the colorway of white and green so much that … Read more

Top 5 Alternatives to the Black Air Force 1


The all black Air Force 1 has been given the dubious honor of being the shoe for covert ops. In other words, if there is some gangsta ish about to go down, and you’re trying to figure out which person you need to watch out for, 9 times out of 10, the person rocking the … Read more