High School Basketball Summer Report Card – Part 5: New Faces, New Places

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New Faces, New Places

The story of the spring is about former FACS Coach, Dee Wilkes, moving to St. George and is now the head coach there after leading FACS to a state title, his second in 4 years. Wilkes is one of the rising young star coaches in Tennessee. With a new opportunity, comes a new challenge which I think I he’s up for. I had a chance to see the new look St. George squad for a short time but from what I saw they are heading in a direction which could make them become one to watch. The question is, will it be afore, rather than later for the Gryphons? Can they return to the Elliot Williams and Lawrence Bowers days from years ago? I think he’s the right guy to do that.

Shelvie Rose won a title with Overton in 2023, went to East High for a year and now he’s taken over at FACS. It will be an all-new team with a few exceptions like Antonio McGaughy. The 6’6 guard is really interesting as a prospect and maybe one of the most interesting in the state, not just Memphis. High level ability, smooth, he’s made strides with the jumper but still has work to do. He can play 1-3 and has a well-rounded skill set. He’s a lob threat and plays with good pace. As his jumper continues to improve, his ceiling becomes higher and it’s a ceiling that could make him high major in a few years. I think both spots for the new coaches will have their challenges but ones that could begin to show dividends in the short future.

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