High School Basketball Summer Report Card – Part 4: Is Houston Among the Elite In 4A?

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Is Houston Among the Elite In 4A?


I can’t lie, the Mustangs got me. For those who know me, at the beginning of the year, I was really high on the Houston Mustang squad. Did I think they would win their league, no, I didn’t go that far. However, I was confident they had enough to be in the mix as a top 3 team in their league and a top 5 team overall in 4A.

That didn’t go as planned but I’m willing to roll the dice again. Fool me once… Why am I betting on black again? They are talented. If you put them side by side against Bartlett and Whitehaven, it’s comparable. Keron Jackson is a 6’8 do it all skilled 3-4 type. Justin Frison is a top 5 player in the class of 2027 coming off his first D1 offer and Jordan Myles, I my opinion, is top 5 as well in that class (in Memphis). Jordan is 6’5/6’6, shoots it well and carries the skill to be a full time 3-man in the future. Caleb Jeffries is an aggressive 2 guard who can make shots from all over the floor and if he’s going, he can get 15-20.

I really like this team and on paper, they look good, but it has to translate. I haven’t talked about Jacob Walker yet who is arguably the best overall pg in Memphis. He’s a blur with the ball, electric in the open floor and you can’t name a better under 6’1 with more athleticism than him. He will have a few get out of your seat dunks this year. He’s really good. His handle in tight spaces allows him to blow by and beat you off the dribble. When he gets to the paint he can shift defenses. I can keep going, he can get a team downhill and his jumper over the years has really improved. I think that opened up his game more. He’s a difference maker and he’s due a huge year! If he’s a part of this Mustang squad it might be their missing piece.

A lot is contingent on Jacob being there but without him, they should still be good… just not “elite”. Watch out for Chase Givens, that’s right, Curtis Givens’ little brother. He could play a lot of backup PG and also play off the ball some as well because of his ability catch and shoot and score off the dribble. Don’t be surprised to see him get better and better over the next few years. 2026 6’4 guard Marcus Butler could see a shift in minutes played as well.

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