Stop Saying Nike isn’t Innovating it’s Not True – Unboxing AlphaFly 3, KD17 Penny & G.T. Cut 3 USA

The 2020 reissue of the Nike
Nike FC Standard SB 'Black Gum'


Instead of simply unboxing the Alphafly 3 Blueprint Prototype, Теплий світшот на флісі nike сірий светр найк and the G.T. Cut 3 USA, I wanted to discuss the overuse of the talking point that Nike isn’t innovating. It’s a discussion I’ve had, but I always explained my position as it relates to the 2017 Scale of Sport Investor’s Day launches. Nike dropped a ton of innovative technology for lifestyle and performance footwear.

Since then, the brand has been refining and updating that tech which led to an abundance of analysis saying they haven’t been making new technology. The tech may not be new, but it’s definitely innovative and constantly getting modified and refined.

What Nike has failed to do is to show their marketing prowess. The everyday consumer used to be kept up to date on any new tech Nike released. Nike would create quirky ads and align with outlets to tout what their new shoes could Kids the athlete accomplish. The brand stopped highlighting the benefits and solely focused on cool and collabs. This allowed smaller brands an entry point to the consumer. Saying Nike isn’t innovating is shortsighted and could be considered misinformation.

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