Mary Dillon Takes the Helm of Foot Locker in One of the Most Difficult Business Environments the Sneaker Industry Has Experienced

Mary N. Dillon, former Executive Chair and CEO of Ulta Beauty, Inc., has been appointed President and Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Foot Locker Board, effective September 1, 2022. Dillon has over 35 years of experience earliest consumer-driven businesses in a diverse range of industries, from consumer-packaged goods to restaurants to telecom … Read more

5 Brands You Didn’t Know Made Running Shoes

With so many new sneaker companies showing up, many of the companies are known for one specific thing. For instance, when you think sport, you think Nike or adidas. Those names are synonymous with performance footwear and in particular running shoes. Certain brands have long histories of building footwear for various distances and for runners … Read more

Hey Arnold! Creator Designs Patrick Ewing for the Collection


Hey Arnold! is back, marking the 25th anniversary of the series with a three-way apparel collaboration between Chalk Line, Ewing Athletics, and Nickelodeon. Stunning art from the show’s esteemed creator Craig Bartlett reimagines Patrick Ewing in the classic style of the series and highlights the apparel pieces of this collaboration. Hey Arnold! — heralded as … Read more

From the Gregory Brothers OH MY DAYUM to Netflix | Consistency Works in Different Ways


Almost ten years ago a group of musicians began capitalizing on the viral moments on YouTube and other media outlets. The Gregory Brothers brought us the hilariousness of Antoine Dodson and Sweet Georgia Brown. All of these remixes led to a higher profile for the people featured and the words from the interviews and reviews … Read more

Sneaker Resale Report & Analysis 1st Third 2021 | In-Store Observations – Part 5 updated with photos


STORE OBSERVATIONS: 1. Hibbett Sports and City Gear have serious inventory issues. One City Gear store’s Jordan Brand wall was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen for a chain with an account in good standing with Nike. It’s not just one store either. Almost every store has a shortage of Nike inventory. This … Read more

ASICS Ventures Invests in dreamstock, Taking the Lead on Professionalizing Youth Sports 


Gateway to ASICS Company Information, Investor Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Press Releases, Career and Recruitment and more. Source: ASICS VENTURES INVESTS IN STARTUP DREAMSTOCK, SOCCER SCOUTING PLATFORM | ASICS Global – The Official Corporate Website for ASICS and Its Affiliates Buy my books: Books – JmksportStore-USA ( I’ve been away from basketball and … Read more

@jazzyrae Delivers a Manifesto on Black Sneaker Boutiques and the Lack of Support by Brands


“We, as African-Americans, are the trendsetters … There would be no Nike and none of these brands if it wasn’t for us setting the trends… How is it possible that in most major cities in America, there is no African-American retailer that has a Nike account? How is that possible?” Source: Kickin’ Facts | Black … Read more

Sneaker Retail Managers are the Real MVPs of the Industry During COVID-19


picture from the Careers at FootLocker site I often share information that derives from unofficial visits to various retail locations. The conversations during these visits happen with sales leads, managers, district managers and in some instances regional managers. I am able to engage every person in a way that isn’t intrusive or threatening. The information … Read more

JmksportStore JD213 Trainer | For a Good Reason


Last year I explained in detail why I was giving up on the process of creating a new sneaker for JmksportStore. Developing and making a new shoe for JmksportStore unlike when I ran Sho-Shot, tends to be more of a vanity project. When I made Sho-Shot basketball shoes I was running Center Court Basketball. The … Read more Launches “I AM MICHAEL” Video Series

blank brings a new approach to connect with Jordan fans through a video series called “I AM MICHAEL” to commemorate the release of the #Laney Air Jordan V. This series symbolizes a key moment in Michael Jordan’s young life and his unwavering #perseverance – when he first tried out for his high school varsity basketball team, he didn’t … Read more

Hibbett Sports Has More To Fix With City Gear Than They Think


I visit Hibbett Sports locations throughout the region, not as a consultant, but as a customer. I know many of the managers and the one consistent thing about Hibbett Sports is that basically many of the employees and managers that have gone through the system have either moved into higher positions or better stores. The … Read more

We Are Underdogs | Daniel Gonçalves – The METAMORPH Arriving October 11th


In Episode 122 I introduce you to the company We Are Underdogs. This video is a part of the From Sneakerhead to Boss series. WAU takes ideas and makes them reality for sneaker designers. It’s an incredible concept that could change the way the footwear industry works. It’s actually a potentially disruptive force if people … Read more

Reebok’s History Delivers the Blueprint for the Future | Marketing


photo via The rise and fall of the G-Unit and S. Carter footwear from Reebok is an interesting approach to the current discussion on sponsorship and influencer marketing. In the early 2000’s before the Jordan Retro trend even began, Reebok still had some sway in the public eye. They had AI, MJ was a … Read more

September 23, 2022 | Supra Footwear: Creative Director Ace Rice


  Source: SKATE September 23, 2022 is a new series where I’ve decided to seek out footwear executives who are minorities (Black, Latino, Indian, Native American, Asian men and women) who are doing some dope work, but are being overlooked by the larger media outlets. It’s my small part. I hope you enjoy the intro. … Read more

Samples Are Expensive & Manufacturers Don’t Care … I’m Taking My Talents To South Beach | JmksportStore


The first sample came back for the next JmksportStore shoe. After my daughter and I came up with what we thought was the perfect blend of athletic and casual I knew I had to cross my fingers and hope for the best since paying for the sample meant I was at the mercy of the … Read more