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Chuck’s Power 5 | Memphis’ Top 5 High School Basketball Programs – February 2024 Week 1


At this time of the year being comfortable can be a problem. It could even have you holding an L at the absolute worst time of the season.  An upset last week by MUS of the number 1 team in the state, Briarcrest shows how relaxing can catch up with a squad. The teams in good position in league standing better be careful they don’t overlook those teams they beat by double digits already or down comes the hammer.

February 8th (Updated Team Rankings)

  1. Cordova High School (23-1) A huge win last week has them as the number 1 team in Memphis right now.  They got their revenge beating Bartlett at home. They kind of took Houston for granted as a follow-up but they did get the win. It was only a 6-point win, far removed from the first game which was a blowout victory for them. The city title is now the goal, but it won’t be easy. Whitehaven is prowling and playing well in league play. I’m sure they have some get back on their mind as well. They lost to Cordova in the MLK tournament in November.
  2. Bartlett High School (23-1) They survived a close one beating Collierville on Tuesday night and again last night against Southwind. Down 10 in the 3rd quarter, they managed to fight back and go on to win by 2 points at Southwind. That’s 2 pretty tough games back to back but they were able to win. I think they have some vulnerabilities that some teams are starting to attack. The second time around the league is usually hard but could these last two be a indicator of how the district playoffs will be for them? I still think they are more than capable of winning the district though and staying on the path to get to the state but getting there will be much harder than maybe some thought.
  3. Douglass High School (23-0) Cruising along and winning by an average of 20 plus, the Red Devils will play Mitchell High in the city title game Saturday. They are going to be extremely tough to beat for anyone right now and I don’t see that changing much barring something unforeseen. If I had to say there was a lock for the state tournament, not state title, I’d say them it was them.
  4. FACS (21-3) 67-64 on 2-6-2024 was the final score at Harding. Good teams find a way to win, and they did do that, but it just shows league playoffs will be good. As the best team at 10-0 in league, every team wants to beat them, so they better prepare for that. I’m sure Coach Wilks will have them ready as they begin to look towards a state run.
  5. Ridgeway (17-5) New to the top 5, 11 straight wins for the Roadrunners, they are for real. Undefeated in league play and playing for a chance at a city championship in 3A. They beat a PCA team last night bent on stopping their winning streak by 4 points. This feels eerily similar to last year’s team but probably a little better overall. BJ Carter and Emmanuel Allen are super productive. Marlon McShane has been a gem for them this year. He adds that scoring kick they missed last year. Carter’s ability to affect every possession is unlike most in the city. He’s extremely valuable for them. Allen trips into double doubles nightly. Kayin Mitchell quietly plays well for them too. He’s a solid defender and  knows his role on an older team but is aggressive in spots during games. We know about the key guys for them but sometimes it’s the other role guys who may have to assert themselves in games. Coach Wooten has those pieces.