Memphis Rox Climbing + Community 2024 Fundraiser | Outdoor Brands this is an Opportunity for Genuine Support

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Memphis Rox Climbing + Community 2024 Fundraiser by Memphis Rox Climbing + Community (

At a time when outdoor brands are all looking for growth through fashion and influencer marketing, true connection to community occurs via support that last beyond the moment. Here in Memphis, we have an amazing facility that teaches Rock Climbing to an urban community. Memphis Rox sits in the heart of South Memphis across the street from HBCU LeMoyne-Owen College and the historic Stax Records Museum, the home of American Soul Music.


Memphis Rox offers free programs and has hosted expeditions taking a crew of students from HBCU LeMoyne-Owen College on amazing treks. The gym is facing financial headwinds and needs support. As brands pour money into influencer marketing hoping to capture new demographics, the authentic ability to support a community should be front and center. Please take a moment to visit the fundraising site.



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