WWYWT? More Roadwork – 5K? Better believe it.

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Wednesday morning!!!!!!Yesterday was officially my last college class as an instructor/professor. Very bittersweet moment overall. It was a great class, but it’s time to start a different phase of my life away from education after over 17 years. Sigh… enough of that. Today was more road work for the kid. I plotted a great map on Google and took off.

Temperature: 65 degrees. By the time I finished the run it had edged up to about 70 and the sun was pretty bright. It was still very nice weather for a run.

Terrain: The suburban concrete jungle, the skreets, the hood, actually just the sidewalk with moderate hills. Then again a lot of the street didn’t have sidewalks and the road was too narrow so I actually went off road today. My legs don’t like the instability of the grass and dirt.

Distance: According to Google Maps it was 3.3 miles. A 5K and it felt pretty easy just for the record. I ran a pretty decent pace as well.

Time: 36 minutes, give or take a phone call and some texting about a buisness meeting with my PR guy. Aspiring writers have to eat and if he can get some books sold (shoulder shrug).

Soundtrack: Pharoahe Monche channel on Pandora. I just can’t stop listening to this one channel.  Dopest song of the run? I Try: Talib Kweli featuring Mary J. Blige. For the life of me I can’t figure out why people really respect a lot of Hip-Hop artists out there. I guess it’s all a preference thing, but if I can get motivated and get political with a song that I can run too, why would I listen to anything else? I know… sometimes I just want to bob my head. What was your workout today? Leave comments in the bottom if you want.

Stay motivated.

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