Chuck’s Talented 10 | Top 10 High School Players in Memphis (2024)

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  1. The 2024 Memphis class was shook up in a major way when high-major talent decided it was best to compete against a national schedule. I won’t list those athletes here because that takes the focus from an incredibly talented group of young men. No knock on those players, if it works, it works and for most who made the jump, they have done well. The city is still represented well with D-1 level talent. 5 athletes have committed to that level and there are still about 15-20 more who will play college basketball. That’s pretty good. These are my top 10 hoopers in the M. The city is laden with talent and JUCO coaches across the country should be reaching out to look beyond this list to learn about the hoopers available.


  1. KJ Tenner PG 5’11 (Drake Commit) Cordova HS–  Scoring instincts, elite level shotmaking,  combined with speed and quickness off the dribble, Tenner is arguably the best pure scorer in the state. The first step, he can get his shot when he wants, passes it and creates. He impacts winning. Right now, the Cordova Wolves state run is imminent and while it will be a challenge, Tenner is up to the task. Early in the season he kind of changed his game some to fit other new pieces, which shows how unselfish he is as player. He can set the table as a playmaker, run offense and distribute but when he’s needed to score and help his team win, he’s shown he’s more than capable of doing so. His handle can give defenders problems because it opens up scoring opportunities for him and his teammates. Cordova right now is the best team in 4A basketball in the state and he’s huge piece to what could conclude a special year.
  2. Julius Thedford G/F 6’4 (Missouri State) Cordova HS- High energy, physical 2-3, Thedford can take over a game like his teammate KJ. From the mid-range pull-up, where he excels, to straight line drives, he’s not going to let you off the hook in transition as he looks to score it aggressively. He can spot-up or pull-up off dribble and he moves off the ball well putting himself into positions to score. The improved perimeter jumper has really rounded him into more of a balanced scorer whereas earlier on in his career, he was more of slasher. He’s sets the tone immediately in games defensively whether he is on the ball turning his man up the court or playing the passing lanes looking for steals to display his athleticism on dunks. Thedford’s ability on the defensive end makes him a top 5 2- way player in Memphis. Much like Tenner, he’s really key for Cordova and what they will achieve the rest of the season.
  3. Cooper Haynes SG 6’2 (Belmont University ) Briarcrest -The leading scorer in Briarcrest history, which is saying a lot when the program has produced standouts like Austin Nichols, Haynes and the Saints are once again contending for a state title. Ranked as recently as #1 in the state over a week ago, Haynes is a significant reason why. The best shooter in Tennessee right now, off the dribble, spot up, pull up, he’s super reliable as a knock down shooter. You simply can’t leave him. He has a really quick release, uses shot fakes, and gets into the jumper before you have a chance to contest. Every time he shoots it, it looks like it’s going in. He shoots it with range and touch and has become a better ball handler and secondary playmaker if needed, and he’s good in the pick and roll. With his accomplishments and accolades this year, signing Division 1, I’m sure he wants to add one more thing to the trophy case, a state title.
  4. R’Chaun King PF 6’6 (Arkansas State) Bartlett HS–  The best big in Memphis, King is a so tough to stop inside 10 feet. King has a strong frame and is arguably the best rebounder in the city. He just has a way of carving out space inside and knows where it’s coming off and uses his strength and positioning to grab rebounds.  He finishes with toughness around the rim. He has really good hands and dunks everything. When he gets the ball, he keeps his shoulders square and attacks. It’s either 2 points or a foul. Laterally, he’s gotten much quicker where he can catch and go finish off the triple threat. He’s a capable jump shooter but he does most of his offensive damage inside where he can feel and seal for easy scores. I think an overlooked part of his game is his timing as a shot blocker. He affects shots near the rim and does a good job of going contesting shots if he’s not blocking it. Bartlett has other players who are high usage, but none will be more important than King down the stretch for the Panthers.
  5. Christian Alston G/F 6’5 (Abilene Christian) Bartlett HS- A productive big wing with shooting ability and a nice stroke from range. He plays with his head, attacks the rim and can finish over defenders. Christian can be the go-to scorer when he’s playing well. He has 20-point outputs which is big for a city that doesn’t use the shot clock. I’d love to see him be more aggressive and he will need to be as Bartlett gets into the latter half of the season where every possession is important. He’s another versatile defender who can defend guards and bigger players. He can run a team in spots, and he can be the recipient of passes where he’s looking to score and get to the free throw line off drives. For him, I think he will be even better long term. For now, Bartlett needs him to be top 5 all the way through the post season.
  6. Jordan Allen PG 6’0 (Holmes Community College ) Hillcrest HS- Leading the city in scoring and the state, Allen has truly made a name for himself this year. Last year was a bit of a coming out party but this year, he’s surpassed that. He’s had two 5o point games this year and 2-3 40-point games and is averaging over 35 points per game at the moment. He’s so tough to stop as in the paint. Allen can beat his defender off the dribble almost at will and draw a foul or convert layups. He has a tight handle, quickness and speed and he’s more than capable as a shooter. Although he is a bit streaky at times, he’s a big game shooter. He can make 3-4 in a row and when that’s falling, that’s where you get those huge scoring outbursts from him. He’s not going to stop attacking and he’s a great passer especially finding people in the open court. He can really dominate a game offensively and defensively where he’s smart reading passes in the passing lanes. He has really quick hands when he’s on the ball defensively and causes deflections.  The scoring instincts, shot making, tenacity on defense, make him a handful. I think along with King Thedford, they are the 2 best 2-way players in Memphis.
  7. Brian Carter WF 6’6 Ridgeway HS-Does a little bit of everything for the Roadrunners. He gets to the rim, makes plays off the bounce and knocks down mid-range shots. Carter’s ability to affect games is evident when you watch Ridgeway play. He’s efficient with the pull up from 15 feet, he rebounds offensively and defensively, you can run offense through him, he can be used as a passer, he’s their do it all. If he scores 20 points, or if he scores 10 points, his value is in him making winning plays. He’s unselfish and doesn’t look to score. Unlike most high school players, he lets the game come to him. He’s tough to game plan against because he doesn’t have to score a lot to of points to make his imprint on a game.
  8. Devin Sanders WF 6’7 Melrose HS– Talk about energy… He’s active around the rim rebounding it. The ball seems to find him for tips and putbacks when scoring around the basket. Sanders’s motor and the energy he plays with makes him stand out among the best in 2024. He has really good length, some ball handling capability in the open floor as well and he’s an opportunistic attacker with the ball in his hands. He can definitely score and at his size at 6’7 his window is very high for him in the future and right now for his team this postseason.  His wingspan and length can cause problems defensively and he can guard some smaller players in space. Definitely shows some possibility as a wing in the future, all the traits are there for Sanders. He’s a serious sleeper.
  9. Emmanuel Allen PF 6’6 Ridgeway HS– Footwork, touch, hits the glass, gets you on his hip and he’s probably going to score. Can turn and score over both shoulders and he can face up and shoot the short jumper. At 6-6 he can take 2-3 dribbles and go over the top with a jump hook. This year he’s showed some willingness to shoot the 3 so he has become more comfortable taking and making the occasional 3 ball. He doesn’t dance with the ball or waste movements. He doesn’t play around inside and if he misses the first attempt at the rim, you better box him out because he gives you a tougher second effort to score than maybe the first one. Allen and his teammate (Carter) make up the best frontcourt in the city, easily. Both will be catalysts in another state run, this time, hoping to finish higher than their top 4 finish last year in Murfreesboro.
  10. Devin McGhee G/F 6’5 Hamilton HS (Video below) Great positional size at the 2-3 spot,  He spaces the floor with the 3 ball, shows the ability to isolate and create offense for himself… McGhee is one of the better offensive talents around the area. Flashes a low post game where he can turn, shot fake and go around his defender for scores or he will shoot the short jumper on the face up. He has the size and strength to shield off smaller players and score against them in mismatches.  He’s a pretty good shooter from the mid-range area also. He has  game the classic stop and pop where he shows maturity in not forcing offense it when it’s not there.  Generally, he plays within himself, not trying to do too much. He sometimes takes a casual approach and tends to settle sometimes for perimeter jumpers, so I’d love to see him more proactive especially when his team is down. At his size, I want to see him get down hill a bit more and get himself going at the line or through layups.  When he’s in the mode of a tier 1 scorer in Memphis, he can get 25-30 in any game.  He’s averaging nearly 23 a night so that’s undeniable. The talent is there for him to carry a team and Hamilton will need that from him if they want to be a threat to make it to the state tournament.

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