Under Armour Basketball Supports Memphis Youth Basketball, 901Prepscoop, Building Block Mentorship Group and Swish Athletics

Кроссовки топы качество nike

I recently wrote that Under Armour lost out on coveted number one WNBA draft pick Aliyah Boston. I explained that adidas nabbing the former Under Armour NIL athlete was an incredible storytelling opportunity for adidas. What I didn’t explain was why Under Armour didn’t really lose. Basketball sneakers are no longer the cash cows they … Read more

Buried Inside of Merrell Are 5 Trail Sneakers Waiting to be Discovered by Gorpcore and Utilitarian Stylists

The reason they chose to name this Nike Zoom Kobe VI after the store

This image above is a concept website page I created for this post based on a concept called City Hiking. I built the splash page to show how Merrell could create a subsite for this category. I browsed their regular site (https://www.merrell.com/) and found 5 styles that could crossover into the utilitarian fashion scene. I … Read more

Only Two Months After Nike Distribution Train Robbery Another $150K+ Attempted Theft of Nike Products Happens Again


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Corderion Harris was arrested after officers said he was one of at least 15 people breaking into a rail yard on June 10 around 2 a.m. Police said at least 17 train cars were broken into and at least 30 boxes were removed. They also said that all of the boxes contained … Read more

Should Retail Stores Find Common Ground With Third Party Resellers?


 Surviving sneaker retail in Memphis is a difficult task. I’m discussing a local store in this post, but I will use the name “Store A” in this post. (5-7 minute read) pic via StockX How long should a retail sneaker shop enforce purchasing policies on products that are perceived to be “hyped” or “hot” releases? … Read more

Insider Ties Episode 78: The Vault Sneaker Boutique in Memphis


  My hand was shaking too hard during this video but it’s worth a watch. The Vault is the only sneaker boutique in Memphis with a Nike account. Summit, which I visited to do the Clearweather video is another but it’s more apparel than sneakers. Superior, another sneaker boutique in Memphis owned by Village Mart, … Read more

Insider Ties: Episode 67 – A Visit To New Balance Memphis


  New Balance Memphis Twitter: https://twitter.com/nbalancememphis New Balance Memphis: http://stores.newbalance.com/memphis/ I was doing some Lyft driving and the customer stopped at a restaurant near the New Balance Memphis store. I decided to go in and take a look around. The store didn’t have any of the lifestyle models, but they had a healthy assortment of … Read more

Two Men Shot In Memphis While Selling Air Jordan V Retro | 8-9-2017


Two men are recovering at the Regional Medical Center after they were shot while trying to sell shoes. Source: Two shot while selling Air Jordan shoes A couple of days ago two guys were shot during a meetup for a pair of Retro 5s. As with anything like this, it simply doesn’t make sense. With … Read more

Insider Ties: Why Nike Keeps Winning – Financial Post


Nike Inc.’s market share is poised to expand, as both its processing and delivery times are faster than competitors Source: Why Nike Inc keeps winning | Financial Post As always my goal is to analyze the sneaker business and entertain so I should tell a joke right here and then get to the info, but … Read more

Dope S–t I Like: Sneakfest Memphis


Source: sneakfest Alright, people know I don’t ever like the term “sneakerhead” because it implies that what I do is easy enough for anybody to jump in as long as they love sneakers. The reality is this sneaker thing is a beast and a billion dollar application should have a a term that represents what … Read more

Nike Air Force 1 Hi 07 Flax | WWYWT? Running at Shelby Farms

Actually I was supposed to post this on Friday. After playing some backyard soccer with my son and daughter, and basketball as the workout during the week, we took a family day to Shelby Farms in Memphis. They have an incredible park for the kids named the Woodland Discovery Park, which is surrounded by bike paths … Read more