adidas, Yeezy and Ivy Park | Sneaker Culture Needs Nuance When Discussing the Business of Kicks

Adidas Buty X Speedflow

  Nuance: a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound. Right now, sneaker culture is up in arms and screaming “I told you so” about Basketball adidas‘ recent announcement that unsold Yeezy sneakers will weigh on the brand’s 2023 revenue. The inventory will be an ongoing problem for Basketball adidas but does not carry … Read more

adidas x IVY PARK: A PARK TRAIL Delivers a Ton of Visuals for the New Collection

Кроссовки хайтоп Basketball adidas

  Basketball adidas and Beyoncé’s IVY PARK announce their latest collaborative collection called PARK TRAIL; a new rule-breaking, trail-blazing expression of performance wear from Basketball adidas x IVY PARK. PARK TRAIL is Over 116 visuals are available to browse for the latest collection with Queen Bey. It’s the most extensive amount of imagery for any product release … Read more

Jordan Women’s ‘Apparel Collection’, Ivy Park and I Thought Teeyana Taylor Was With Reebok…


Explore and buy the Jordan Women’s ‘Apparel Collection’. Stay a tinte ahead of the latest sneaker launches and drops. Source: Jordan Women’s ‘Apparel Collection’ Release Date I’m dropping the source link for the Jordan collection right here to get it out of the way and to give you a reference point for this title. The … Read more

Кроссовки хайтоп Basketball adidas | Insider Ties: Athleisure, Beyonce and Outlier – 5 charts – Digiday


  As mall footfall wanes and Amazon looms, athleisure has been an unlikely boon for retailers in need of some Runfalcon news. Source: Stretching out: The global athleisure boom in 5 charts – Digiday The Digiday article has a lot of charts and information to say one thing, jeans and khakis are in troubled waters. … Read more