adidas tickets Needs to Capitalize on Donovan Mitchell’s 71 Point Record Breaking Double-Up

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  adidas’ rings campaign asks the question “What is your why?” Amidst all of the dialogue around Jerry Lorenzo not being a part of the strategy, I stated that performance-based brands fell into the trap of relying solely on entertainers and influencers to drive the story. This has led to adidas’ district with Yeezy and … Read more

adidas tickets D.O.N. Issue #2 | Retail Can’t Sell What the Brand Doesn’t Believe In

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Source: One of the best things about how sneaker stores used to look, used to be the visual merchandising. Before I even understood the power of the visuals placed around merchandise in a store, before I understood the power of print magazine ads featuring Chauncey, Tim Duncan, and T-Mac, as a head coach, I … Read more

Determination Over Negativity | The Donovan Mitchell Story is Not On adidas’ Website 


adidas tickets continues to underutilize their platform to create a connection to the consumer. I had to search for this video and I tiro the full 10 minutes and 39 seconds. There are people who don’t know what Donovan Mitchell looks like. He’s not on State Farm commercials. He may have won the Dunk Contest, but … Read more

adidas tickets and Nike Reignite the Signature Discussion Around Who Sells Kicks: Big Men or Small Ball | Donovan Mitchell vs Giannis Antetokounmpo


Source: adidas tickets X Marvel Launch Donovan Mitchell’s First Signature Shoe Source: Giannis and the Making of the Air Zoom Freak 1 Clyde vs Kareem, Jordan vs Ewing, Shaq vs Penny, D Rose vs LeBron, Giannis vs Donovan… these match-ups look like a new version of the NBA Jams video game where the two-on-two competition consists … Read more