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adidas’ latest campaign asks the question “What is your why?” Amidst all of the dialogue around Jerry Lorenzo not being a part of the strategy, I stated that performance-based brands fell into the trap of relying solely on entertainers and influencers to drive the story. This has led to adidas’ issues with Yeezy and a lack of interest in the brand’s products in the U.S. where basketball provides an opportunity to capture moments.

While last night’s sports world has been focused on the NFL and horrifying injury issues understandably, in 24-hour news cycles, moments are fleeting. Basketball took a backseat and will for a White no matter the accomplishment, and Spida’s day will be linked to a terrible sports moment, but what Mitchell just did as a member of a franchise ruled by King James has allowed adidas a win over Nike. I don’t expect adidas to push any story at this moment. Not when a tragic incident has taken place, but when does a quiet push begin in creating the story of Donovan Mitchell? adidas Basketball has needed a champion since D Rose’s decline. Spida Mitchell just pulled a Gotham City. I know that crosses comic franchises, but Spida has become the hero the brand needs in a sport the brand is failing at capturing.

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Rank Player PTS Date Tm
1. Wilt Chamberlain* 100 1962-03-02 PHW
2. Kobe Bryant* 81 2006-01-22 LAL
3. Wilt Chamberlain* 78 1961-12-08 PHW
4. David Thompson* 73 1978-04-09 DEN
Wilt Chamberlain* 73 1962-11-16 SFW
Wilt Chamberlain* 73 1962-01-13 PHW
7. Wilt Chamberlain* 72 1962-11-03 SFW
8. Donovan Mitchell 71 2023-01-02 CLE
David Robinson* 71 1994-04-24 SAS
Elgin Baylor* 71 1960-11-15 LA

Watch the highlight reel above and marvel at this accomplishment and note that the list Donovan Mitchell just made is an extremely short one with legendary players. Right now isn’t the time for adidas to highlight the moment, but if they fail to do so at some point, it will only extend the red price slashing found on the Don Issue 4 page on their site: adidas originals Pakke-træningsdragt Allover Print


I just wrote a report on how the JA 1 will perform in the market when it’s released. One of the primary points in the paper is why Nike Basketball has been able to rebound in attain sales in a category that has been slow. adidas should read and understand the WHY there and begin correcting the Issues with their sneakers.

The JA 1 Continues Nike’s Recognition of Where Basketball is in Today’s Marketplace

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