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Memphis Hoops Private School Report (Div II-A)


FACS Looks Primed For A Run In Div II-A

With 4 to 5 games remaining on their respective schedules, 2 teams stand out as the private school regular season winds down. Briarcrest Christian and First Assembly Christian or FACS as called by most in the city. First up, let’s look at the Crusaders. Coach Dee Wilkes has become one of the best coaches in Memphis and maybe a rising name among those next to make the leap to college. Am I suggesting that happens soon or relatively soon, no but I think if he wanted to do so, the opportunity would be there.

Last year you saw glimpses of what this team could look like. They were young and they still relatively that, but this year feels different for them. It funny how much difference a year makes right?  A year older for players like MJ Hayes and Marcellous Jackson, Jacob Walker, and Kris Carroll. arch Sneaker Videos Antonio McGaughy, a top 5 in 2027 and you’re thinking now, already a special group potentially, now even better. They are 17-3 on the season so far and 6-0 and league play and on their way to a league title in II-A and a chance to make a deep run into the postseason.

Two sophomores, three  juniors and freshman start for FACS. Just think about that for a minute, their entire returns next season as well. That’s scary considering how high their ceiling as a team already is.  The only other group I think can think of that is kind of similar is Whitehaven, but they have a senior in their starting lineup, FACS doesn’t. They have gone through some injuries this year including their 2 best players but the thing about having so much talent, you have a player like Jacob Walker just step his aggression up scoring it and you can ease through a few games. I think without a doubt, Walker is one of the better point guards in the city. He can beat his defender off the dribble mixing in straight line drives using his speed and quickness to get to the rim. He takes great shots, takes care of the ball, doesn’t force things offensively that aren’t there and knows when to score and when to defer for a better shot for a teammate. He has a reliable perimeter jumper as well and he’s more than capable of making a big shot.

This team has shooting with Kris Carroll, one of the best shooters in Memphis off the catch, quick strike scoring ability with Hayes and Jackson, 3 ball handlers mostly all at once and they can defend and speed up games if need be and play as a half court or get out and run when opportunities arise. They have 5 options to score every game and anyone of them can have a big game against anyone on any given night. Jackson returned on Saturday in his first game back after missing a couple so getting him back into form will be key for the success. Then again as I mentioned earlier, when you have players like Carroll, Walker and Hayes to make up where his production is missed, it makes it easier.

Coach Anderson at Harding Academy has done a pretty good job this year in second on their side followed by ECS with who I think has a top 5 player in 2025, Tyler Jones. They just had a tight game with FACS on this past Saturday at home losing by 6 points. So, I think ECS could be right there, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see another highly contested game between both in their league playoffs. With the regular season coming to a close,  FACS looks like a formidable team and one with high hopes of a chance to play for a state championship.