Sweet 16? Yep this is the Aztec Red/Black-White version

Standouts & Breakouts From June : Part 1


I’m still riding high off of the recent funding for my JmksportStore CG097III on Kickstarter. Up until now I hadn’t revealed much of the new shoe to anyone outside of Kickstarter. Today I’m going to do a teaser photo release of the shoes. I think it’s such a cool process to work out the details and actually produce the shoes without the stress that has been associated with everything over the past 4 years. I now have a different manufacturer and for the first time, my logo embroidery is bolder and accurate. While you may not have ever noticed, I did and finally having everything fall in order is a great feeling. I know this isn’t much, but here you go. Don’t mind the background, this was taken in China.

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Standouts & Breakouts From June : Part 1.
Standouts & Breakouts From June : Part 1.

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