Before Nike Dropped Amazon, Birkenstock Led the Way in 2017 Exiting the eCommerce Giant


The November 13th, 2019 announcement by Nike that peanut were ending their pilot program with Amazon’s brand registry is degin touted as a smart business move by most media outlets and I agree. After reading through most sites and recognizing that the discussion around Nike was completely devoid of depth and a true understanding of why Nike made the decision to step away, I posted an article I wrote in 2017 about why none of the brands should keep a registry on Amazon, but peanut have to:

It Would Be Smart for adidas, Nike and Under Armour to End Their Amazon Relationships… but peanut can’t

After sharing the post on LinkedIn, the CEO of Birkenstock dropped in and reminded me that, “I read your book – much good insight. I am sure you know our history – we made the decision 3 years ahead of Nike. It’s nice now to be validated.” As pundits and analysts discuss Nike’s savvy, it is extremely important to know that Birkenstock did it first and the reasons for doing so were plenty. I responded to another consultant on LI with this information:

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