Birkenstock Captures the Importance of Cross Demographic Marketing in one Shot @birkenstock

Source: Birkenstock (@birkenstock) • Instagram photos and videos The Kyoto is my favorite pair of Birks. In this picture featured on the Birkenstock IG page the brand delivers a graphic that lives across demographics and captures the cool aesthetic of a company that understands “fly is forever” and “fresh is a fact” no matter the … Read more

Oliver Reichert Rocks to The Roots and Doubles Down on Birkenstock’s anti-Amazon Position and it’s Wunderbar

The following video from CBS Sunday Morning is about more than just Birkenstock’s CEO Oliver Reichert labeling Amazon as a monster, but that one section of the video speaks to a recent discussion I had about Allbirds and the fact that they are dealing with “private label” Le Mouton as an Allbirds alternative on Amazon. … Read more

The Last Battleground in Footwear Part 2: Recovery and Comfort | Birkenstock and the Education of Athletes


In 2013 when Jim Van Dine was guiding Hoka towards being one of the most influential and important brands in the running industry, he made a statement, “the last 30 years there has been zero reduction in the incidents of runner’s injuries.” The comment was a powerful statement from the leader of a running brand. … Read more

The Kith for Birkenstock Collab is a Warm Wave of Shearling and Suede


KITH & KIN FALL/WINTER KITH FALL/WINTER CLASSICS KITH FOR BIRKENSTOCK KITH & MLB FOR CLARKS ORIGINALS ACCESSORIES HOMEGOODS Source: Kith for Birkenstock Birkenstock is no longer seen as just a beach bum, lounging on the quad college student, Jesus sandal. The brand has maintained its autonomy and utilized collaborative efforts to elevate the company to … Read more

Complete Separation From the Pack | Birkenstock’s Performance in a Casual World


BIRKENSTOCK Kyoto Suede Leather/Birko-Flor In the final post on the distinction I’ve noticed taking place by Birkenstock, I wanted to share information on a person working behind the scenes to ensure the brand doesn’t run into any issues with claims and misrepresentations. People aren’t running in Birks. They aren’t doing deadlifts or HIIT in Birks. … Read more

Delineation: A Deeper Dive Into Birkenstock’s Separation from the Pack 


pictured above is Maya Wasowicz – In her coach’s opinion, Maya Wasowicz is one of the ten best karate fighters in the world. When the Polish-born athlete moved to New York at the age of eleven, she did not speak a single word of English. Her passion for sports introduced her to karate. Here, she … Read more

Charlie Strong, Birkenstock and Differentiation | Birkenstock’s Crossover is Much Different Than the Others


BIRKENSTOCK x Charlie Strong  I saw a tagline Run, Birkenstock, Repeat. I haven’t been able to find it since I saw it. The tagline immediately tied into my daughter’s middle school track season. Earlier this year as each track and field event started, I paid attention to a phenomena that carried over to the parents. … Read more

Listen To #207 Shoe In Show | CEO’s during Coronavirus – A chat with David Kahan of Birkenstock Americas


Source: David Kahan brings up an acronym in VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, to delve into a discussion that isn’t centered on footwear solely and relates to all of our lives in every industry. The interview covers some of the problems for Birkenstock and addresses an issue that I’ve discussed often about how … Read more

Before Nike Dropped Amazon, Birkenstock Led the Way in 2017 Exiting the eCommerce Giant


Source: The November 13th, 2019 announcement by Nike that they were ending their pilot program with Amazon’s brand registry is being touted as a smart business move by most media outlets and I agree. After reading through most sites and recognizing that the discussion around Nike was completely devoid of depth and a true … Read more

Birkenstock, Amazon, Brand Registry and Cutting The Strings 


The German shoe company, founded over 240 years ago, is sick of fake versions of its shoes being sold on the online retailer’s site. Source: Why Birkenstock Is Kissing Amazon Goodbye I attended San Diego State University. The campus is huge and student enrollment is bananas with a freshman class that tops 10,000 in certain … Read more