Why Your White Air Force 1s Aren’t Quite ‘White’ This Year

x Nike Overbreak

  A quick video to show how the manufacturing and shipping of sneakers from their point of origin to the U.S. in a post Covid supply chain has led to a considerable slowdown in the arrival of sneakers to their final destination. This slowdown led to many Medium ships sitting off the cost of California … Read more

StockX Continues To Improve the Platform with ‘Sell Multiple Items’ Feature

Nike Kobe 10 Elite "Inline" PE

StockX continues to develop ideas to expand their growth. They’ve now added an option to sell multiple pairs at one time. While this doesn’t appear to be revolutionary, it opens the door to StockX getting a part of the P2P wholesale market in sneakers. While there aren’t many people selling in bulk anymore, the business … Read more

This is the reality of starting a shoe company


Not writing much on this one, I faulty wanted to stay true to my promise to show you the ins and outs of actually trying to break into the shoe industry. The following pictures are in sequence: CG097II arrival, Box Opening, JmksportStore Tee shirt arrival and Rumbatime watches. If you have any questions hit me. … Read more