Not Quite Fulfillment by Amazon but StockX Pro FLEX Expedites the Buying Process

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One of the biggest issues for buyers who are not used to how sneaker culture operates is the speed at which third party platforms ship the product purchased on sites like GOAT, StockX and eBay.

The authentication process, which allowed sites like StockX to grow in a world dominated by Amazon and eBay, is what also hinders the site in growing their users. Sneakerheads/enthusiasts are familiar with the time it takes a pair of shoes (clothing, watches, etc.) to be verified. The 7-14 day window from purchase to arrival is a necessary evil when buying products which aren’t shipping from the brand website.

In a free and fast shipping marketplace, for StockX to continue to grow, they had to implement a method of shipping products faster.

What Do the Top Earning Sneakers on StockX Tell the Market and is Xpress Ship Proof of StockX as Buyers?

When the initial information for Xpress Ship arrived, it appeared StockX was admitting they were warehousing sneakers. The above article is a discussion on this.

The announcement of FLEX (for authorized sellers) delivers insight into a process VIPs (power sellers on the StockX platform) have been using in Beta testing.

Flex is only available to High Volume Sellers Level 3+. who have access to StockX Pro. The video above gives a short breakdown, but it doesn’t explain why Flex is important. Xpress Ship works when professional sellers utilize what is StockX’s version of FBA, FLEX.

Those unfamiliar with the Seller Central Marketplace on Amazon may not be familiar with the terms FBM (fulfillment by merchant) and FBA (fulfillment by Amazon).

One of the reasons Amazon is capable of shipping so quickly is because of FBA. Sellers can send their products to Amazon, sit back and relax. At least this is how people on YouTube explain the process. The reality is FBA has considerable issues rooted in Amazon’s return policies and the sheer volume of product kept in Amazon’s warehouses.

StockX is in a unique position. FBA products are often incorrect, dirty and items are pooled. Two sellers with the same product can be shipped and in some cases the product isn’t checked. This can lead to complaints by buyers and Amazon sides with buyers. Sellers have been removed from the platform for issues created be FBA.

FLEX shipments are authenticated upon receipt. If any problems arise with the products, they are returned immediately. It’s a much more efficient program which allows a new customer interested in a product in the FLEX warehouse (Xpress Ship) to get their shoes in a 3-day window.

Faster turnaround improves the consumer purchase. New consumers get a familiar buying experience. The new buyer is more likely to return to StockX. FLEX better prepares StockX for an eventual IPO as the company works on recovering from a slowing sneaker resale market.

Had you heard of FLEX before this post? The process only takes 1 minute to fill a box and get a label. Here are screenshots below.

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