Hoodies for women in a new version

Many women have put those warm clothes deep in their closets.Moschino and Kenzo remind us however that hoddies for women are the beginning of a great adventure with sporty chic styles. So, before you say that fashionable women’s sweatshirts WIP L S Madison Fine Cord Shirt.

 Elegant women’s sweatshirt…  

...  is the one, that is worn with confidence. Stella McCartney designed her see-through sweatshirt for confident women. The daughter of a former Beatle created a delicately woven cotton - polyamide outfit that will work with any style. Combine it with short black top by AlexanderWang, and your outfit will impress at any time. Even better result will be reached when you add a mini skirt by the Canadian twins. According to the duo Dsquared2, every woman must have boyfriend jeans, leather jacket and a mini skirt in her closet.One with an interesting print or unusual texture will be a real injection of extravagance!

 Valentino Red is also famous for his non-obvious solutions. Known for combining casual and fairy tale world, the brand proposes a classic gray sweatshirt. It seems to be a boring, training tracksuit. Nothing further from the truth! A fairytale binding on the back, straight from the costume movie provides a touch of craziness.

 Zipped women’s hoodies Lacoste Soft Cotton T-shirt TF5457-166

 For colder months, choose clothes with a heavier weight. They give warmth and protection from the rain. Diesel has designed a cotton ladies hoodie in a parka shape, which you can wear even on a really chilly day. Casual cut, black color and capacious pockets make a solid base for the unconventional style.

 Admirers of classics should check out polyamide - elastin sweatshirt from Gucci with the brand’s logo on the sleeve. In the end, the designers of this fashion house is famous not only for his bags. Treat yourself with a little luxury for every season.

 The game of colors

 Those who prefer maxi style, will fall in love with the printed sweatshirt. Moschino is the undisputed king in that matter.

Since the 1990s Franco Moschino has proven that fashion is fun. In 2016, he literally burned up the Milan Fashion Week. The models, dressed in burnt creations; smoke and clutches in the shape of Marlboro pack is just the taste of the extravagance of the fashion house. For everyday look the designer recommend something from the world of pop culture. Orange hoodie for women with an image of the the iconic Mario Bros? Or maybe a classic pullover sweatshirt? Pair them with an elegant skirt and enjoy the timeless look.

 Oriental breeze

 If the Italian brand is not to your taste, check out the proposals of the Japanese. Kenzo Takada, the head of Kenzo brand, opened its first boutique in Paris in the sixties. He stylized it like a real jungle. His fascination with the Orient and wildlife brought him brought immense popularity in European reality.

 Several years later, the brand’s interest in the prolific nature is not decreased. Melting pot of colors and shapes of wings – the brand’s designer, Antonio Marras, styles women like multi-colored birds. No wonder that designing women’s sweatshirts he drew inspiration from the culture of the East. Be sure to view elegant ladies’ sweatshirts with characteristic of the brand tiger head and dark blue and a chaotic pattern. Such sweatshirts will go ideally with both, casual jeans and more formal trousers.

 A sweatshirt is a purchase for years. Choose theone with an interesting print and you won’t have to worry about  extravagant accessories. When playing with prints, especially animal ones, Just Cavali is the undisputable leader. If you are looking for more, visit our online store JmksportShops and find something just for you.