There is no doubt that t-shirts for men are fundamentals in any man’s wardrobe. They are versatile and comfortable, suit every body type, and can be selected to match personality and character. You can tell a lot about a person wearing a t-shirt by the slogans or images printed upon it.

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T-shirts as the basis of a man’s wardrobe

T-shirts are the basic, even foundation element of a man’s wardrobe. At the beginning of the 20th century, every American soldier wore a T-shirt under his uniform, and now, a hundred years later, the t-shirt has become part of the clothing of almost every man in the world.

Men's white t-shirts are the most popular, because they go perfectly with almost everythingelse in a man’s wardrobe - with men's jeans, with shorts, and with jackets. Straight cut, in one colour, designed as men’s long sleeve t-shirts or short, white t-shirts will always be universally fashionable.

Ever since Marlon Brando showed his tightly fitting t-shirt in the film "A Streetcar Named Desire", emphasising his sculpted figure, the t-shirt has become a cult element of everyday men's clothing.

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A decade later, in the turbulent times of the 60s, t-shirts became a way for young men to express their dissatisfaction with the political and social situation. In the 70s, the most popular t-shirts expressed musical tastes; some wore t-shirts featuring the Beatles, others with the famous Rolling Stones logo. Through men’s designer t-shirts and more readily available models, such clothes have become a means of manifesting tastes, opinions and preferences.

Today, little has changed, and men still choose t-shirts based on what is on it – the logo or slogan. Some prefer completely basic versions, without any pictures or slogans, while others choose t-shirts that somehow express their character, personality or views.

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It might seem that the male t-shirt is immune to fashion trends and isn’t a favorite element of the wardrobe of fashion designers. Nothing could be further from the truth, as evidenced by men’s designer t-shirts presented each season on the world's catwalks. First among the creators of men’s designer t-shirts is Ricardo Tisci, creative director of Givenchy, for whom the material is a canvas on which he presents his artistic visions. At one time they may be ancient motifs, at Medium they draw inspiration from the Baroque period, and at yet Medium they present a contemporary, more aggressive design.

Moschino is famous for playing up colour, images and slogans in designs for energetic and positive men. We also invite you to view other fashionable men’s t-shirts in the online store. The rich choice will allow you to select the ideal t-shirt, tailored to fit not only your body shape, but also your personality and temperament.

Regardless of which kind of t-shirt most fits our taste, it is worth remembering that, in recent decades, men’s t-shirts have become a symbol of rebellion, struggle and freedom to express one’s own views.

In the end, the men’s t-shirt has even become an icon in itself, as in the case of John Lennon’s t-shirt expressing love for New York, or the aforementioned Rolling Stones “lick” logo. So, it's time to find your own version of the men's t-shirt, the model which, like that of Lennon, will become a small statement and a way to express yourself.

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