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Nike Air Max Day - 'Max Talk' With CJ

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CJ, (Instagram: @colinras2021)


On Air Max Day 2022 we had the opportunity to interact with a handful of our community members and chop it up regarding anything and everything Air Max. Welcome to 'Max Talk' where our community members share some of their personal experiences with the Swoosh, more specifically the Air Max line and how they came to fall in love with the culture. It's no surprise the sport giant has been pushing the envelope with sustainable practices in efforts to build towards a more circular economy - prime example with their 'Move to Zero' journey crafting a variety of products from recycled materials. Meanwhile Nike pledges to converting to 100% renewable energy sources by 2025, let's tap in with CJ to learn about his Air Max journey and what he wishes to see in the future from Nike regarding eco-conscious designs and directions. 



What do you currently do for a living, and what are some of your hobbies?

“Currently I’m a personal trainer at Sweat Shoppe TO - right across from JmksportShops’s Yorkville doors.”


What was your most memorable experience regarding a pair of Air Max (if possible, an experience tied to your hobby/profession)?

“One of my most exciting moments in my Air Max would be completing a 4 feet box jump in my Air Max 1 ‘Safari’… man I can still feel the adrenaline running through my body just thinking back to that achievement. Prior to that landing I had failed multiple times, but every time I failed I told myself ‘one more attempt’… and what seemed to be an eternity later.. look at me in my Safaris!” 



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“Without a doubt, my top 3 Air Max grails would be 1) atmos x Air Max 1 ‘Elephant’, 2) Air Max 1 Supreme ‘Animal Pack’, and last but not least I have to include an instant classic.. 3) Air Max 95 OG ‘Neon’. I love my collabs, but how can we appreciate new school without showing love to the grandmasters of each Air Max model?”


What are your thoughts on this years Air Max Day exclusive AM1 'Blueprint'?

“Absolute littiness! I’m a fan of colours and did this years Air Max 1 ‘Blueprint’ deliver. A perfect design execution with elements taken from blueprints and technical drawings to the globe embroidered at the heel. And that baby blue just.. pops. 10 out of 10 chef’s kiss!”


What eco-conscious designs and directions do you hope to see from Nike's Air Max line in the future?

“I’d love to see Nike utilize bio-degradable materials incorporated into their Air Max line, while considering corporate social responsibility. We all know we need to be more aware and conscious of our buying practices for the greater good of our planet. Our decisions affect future generations coming up - even more so now than ever especially with the impact of not only global warming, but social injustices and inequalities within our communities. It’s great to see a corporation such as Nike taking these issues into considerations for a greener and friendlier future.”


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// Photographer: Tyler Hayward [@tilore]
// Creative Director: Edwin Chow [@eddykruegr]