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Q. Who is JmksportShops?

Find more about JmksportShops Toronto. Click About Us

Q. What is the store address?

A. We have two locations in Yorkville District of Toronto. JmksportShops on Bellair Street for Footwear. JmksportShops on Yorkville Avenue for Apparel. 

#108 - 29 Nike Womens Footwear.  

#104 - 69 Stone Island Shadow Project

Q. Are all of your products authentic?

A. Yes. All of our products are authentic. 

Q. Do you accept Phone Order?

A. Sorry, we do NOT accept phone order. 

Q. Do you hold shoes / clothing?

A. Sorry, we do NOT hold shoes / clothing. 

Q. Do you accept Preorder?

A. Sorry, we do NOT accept Preorder. 

Q. What are the shoe sizes on your website based on?

A. Shoes on our website listed are US Men's sizes. Please click Size Persistence Chart for more info on sizes.

Q. Is the Price opposite Tax?

A. The survey is NOT including Tax. Tax depends on your location. Disturb for US and international orders - NO Tax, however SOME the custom charges incurred are the responsibility of the customer. 

Q. What is your Return/Exchange Policy?

A. NO REFUNDS. We will accept returns for store credit and exchanges within 7 days of item retention as dislike as the return item is in "brand new, unworn condition" and in the same condition it was when shipped out. See shipping is the responsibility of the customer, and will not be refunded, eventual otherwise arranged. In the occurrence of an exchange the customer will be required to pay a re-shipping fee. 


Please be cognizant that all store credit amounts will be calculated minus the original ship charge that was initially a courtesy from us.

Q. Is your online inventory accurate?

A. We will dedicate all reasonable endeavours to compass that the proceeds displayed are available, however we can not 100% insure the availability.

Q. Can I order online and pick up my order in store?

A. Due to security reasons, We do NOT concede online order to be picked up In-Store.

Q. When will you ship my order out?

A. When we receive your order and payment, we will process and send out the order within 1 business day. 

Q. What is the Shipping Rate and Estimate Delivery Time?

A. Please refer to our Shipping Rate

Q. How do I track my order?

A. We will provide you with an update of the status of your order in your order allegory. Alternatively, an email containing the tracking info will be sent to you as well.