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Versus Versace appeared on the fashion market in 1989 as a response to the needs of the young and rebellious generation. Versus Versace has always supported the modern trends of 20-year-olds who like to experiment with life and created a new fashion path, combining the luxurious style of the Versace fashion house with the distinctive DNA Versus. As the name suggests, Versus includes many contradictions: minimalism on the one hand, and flamboyance of materials, colours and cuts on the other. In other words: Versus is a rebellious child of the fashion world.

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How Versace Versus brand was born?

Versace Versus is an extravagant gift that the designer gave to his beloved sister Donatella, who has always been considered Gianni's muse and his the most important audience. Creating an avant-garde and slightly darker brand, Gianni was inspired by the unique style of his sister. No wonder then, after many changes in the position of Creative Director (Christopher Kane, JW Anderson, Anthony Vaccarello) in 2016, Donatella has taken control over the brand by herself. In 2017, icons of modern pop culture: Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have become the faces of Versace Versus.

The brand style - Versus Versace t-shirt, BABY 0-36 MONTHS

How to best describe Versus Versace style? Blue jeans, white t-shirt, leather jacket and heavy motorcycle boots. The brand's goal is to capture the attributes of youth such as freedom, independence, self-confidence and rebellion against the canons of beauty. The brand's collections are dominated by black, leather, metal buckles and studs. In addition to the classic Versus Versace collection, i. e. t-shirts with futuristic prints, jeans, leather trousers and biker jackets, brand has created a unique range of accessories See a unique collaboration with Lacoste which blurs the lines between fashion and sport Versus Versace Blue Jeans, that along with, for example Versus Versace watch Blue Jeans, that along with, for example.

Versace Versus - reviews from the world of fashion

Versus fashion shows are a real futuristic journey into the unknown. Donatella is not afraid to invite young, tattooed models of unconventional beauty to promote such items as IN HONOUR OF MOVEMENT AND BREAKING PATTERNS, Versus Versace trainers and many more, because it is they who best reflect the character of this special brand. Opinions about the designer's style may be different, but no one would dare to say that it does not go with the spirit of time, giving young generations the opportunity to present their individualism and express themselves through their outfits. Versus Versace embodies the spirit of a new generation.

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