WWYWT? What was your workout today?

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Workout: Wii SPorts 45 minutes

I’ve been playing in a basketball league and running as usual, but not enough. Last week during the game I dislocated my finger so for the past week I haven’t been really running (which has nothing at all to do with my finger), but I have been consistently doing my favorite workout… Wii Sports. Unlike most people who play the Wii, I get a full workout because I run in place (cardio), I do squats and lunges and between certain sports I get down and do pushups. Anyway, it’s a great workout and today’s workout was more of the same. The difference in the past workouts and today is my inclusion of the Everlast Wrist Weights (everlast should be paying me for this). Since the Wii requires you to hold a remote in one hand and the small nunchuk in the other hand, their is an imbalance of weight. I bought the Everlast Wrist Weights and using these helps to one the left arm while the right arm tends to do most of the work in Tennis and Bowling. These things are highly recommended.

Workout: Wii SPorts 45 minutes.

First I warmed up with the best of 5 tennis match. The tennis match allows for squats, slides (side to side to mimic the action) and a slight arm workout, if you stay on your toes and really move and step into the swings you can also do lunges. I won the tennis match 3 sets to 1.

Second was baseball. I don’t know why but baseball actually makes me sweat a lot. I think it’s my desire to mimic the actual movements so much. I squat when batting and get some trunk twists in when swinging. Once again a small shoulder workout is included by default when pitching and batting. I lost the baseball game 7-4. It sucks, but I’m just not the good in baseball.

The third part of Wii sports is bowling which is really just a cool down before taking on the toughest aspect of the game… boxing.

Boxing is an incredible workout on the Wii. If you actually use your core you can get a great workout and moving side to side and leaning, squatting and alternating punches (dislike jabs, short quick jabs) will make you sweat like you wouldn’t believe. I won every match in boxing. The best part about this workout is that it is competitive and allows for you to have an opponent although it is very isolated.

I cool down after boxing with golf. Today’s match was 9 holes and I finished 1 under ( I can’t remember the score) but for me that is pretty good. Yesterday my Wii fit age was 20 which is the best you can get. Today I finished with a 22. This is all pretty good considering I’m holding the controller with one finger sticking out. Which is kind of painful.

If you worked out today, write down your workout. I’m going to be more consistent in posting this here because you never know who you might inspire to begin there own workout routine.

Stay motivated!

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