WWYWT? What Was Your Workout Today?

WWYWT? Running at Shelby Farms

Wii Training… Okay now that you are done laughing I dare you to take Wii Sports for a test drive. As far as motivation is concerned, it’s tough to get to the gym sometimes and when you are working through a calf injury like mine, you have to stay active and running on a calf injury for a 6-2, 220-5lb guy can wreak havoc on your legs and lower back. In other words, as much as I have grown to love jogging, I can’t do it with this leg injury.  I have to find another workout that will allow me to get cardio, stretching, legs and arms in. It is an overall workout.

Okay so this is the key to a great Wii workout using Wii Sports.  When you are playing, clear out enough space and perform the actions in the same manner that you would the actual sport. During the workouts make sure you keep a focus on your core, twisting and flexing while making the movements. Here is the breakdown of my workout today.

Wii Tennis: Best of 5. My level is Pro +2000. I do a full body extension with toe raises when serving the ball. I also do squats between matches. When I perform backhands and other swings I use my core and it is basically a trunk twist. This works.

Wii Baseball: I am only at the +1000 level in baseball. When I swing I crouch and make my strikezone smaller which is like going to basketball practice and sitting in defensive position for an extended period, which works the quads and glutes. Instead of simply using the Wii remote and moving it, I use my shoulder and perform a full swing. When pitching I lift my long and step through which is a lunge.

Wii Bowling: Wii Bowling is not a strenuous exercise and simply allows for a cool down before diving into the hardest part of the Wii workout… boxing.

Wii Boxing: If you are looking for a way to get those biceps burning and shoulders toned, Wii Boxing is perfect. Wii boxing is also a great cardio workout. I typically boor for 5 bouts. I stay on my toes when I am not boxing and then I use lunges, trunk twists, side bends and I jump probably 200 times during these 5 bouts. My pro level is 2000+ which makes my matches very difficult. Between matches I sometimes get my Billy Blanks on and use the remotes as the height bar to lift my leg which also works on the core.

Wii Golf: After Wii Boxing, golf is a perfect cool down and in all honesty it will work on your real game. Using the correct form for swinging off of the tee is another alternative workout for your core and balance.

Overall my workout on the Wii extends to about 1 hour 10 minutes. If you are having trouble getting motivated to workout, start working on your Wii fitness routine to stay motivated.

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