WWYWT? 1.5 Miles with Wristweights

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I haven’t posted in a minute but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been getting it in. It was so hot in Memphis this past week that I just couldn’t get out and run so I hit the Wii and did boxing and all of the sports in the Wii Sports package. If you don’t think this is a workout, actually move like the sports intend for you to move and do 10 matches of boxing with push ups, jumping jacks and squats between sets and at each knockdown, then give me a buzz. I also did XBox Kinect Your Shape. Let me say this, easily the best workout I’ve done in years. If you are not in great condition and you are looking to get toned this is an excellent workout that is progressive. I will do a more in depth write up once I get a solid routine implementing this. Which won’t be long considering it’s only going to get warmer.

So today I got in a quick 1.5 mile run with wristweights. Suprisingly the wristweights made me use my arms more which enabled me to pick up the pace. I didn’t time this one, but I know I listed to 4 songs on Pandora’s Talib Kweli station including “Oh No” (one of my favorite songs!)  which I would say equals to about 12 minutes overall. After doing the Kinect and Wii, my run felt a lot better which reminds me that you have to incorporate weights to build muscle and strength. These things will help you to have better form when running. My tendency is to start kind of throwing myself when the run gets more difficult. However, the squats and leg workouts I did made my legs feel much stronger.

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