Sandals DEEZEE WS20098-01 Black | Why I Love Sneakers Episode 7: JoIN Conference by arch and SOLEcial Studies


JoIN: Jobs of Interest Now available | Wolverine Worldwide Careers

JoIN: Jobs of Interest Now available | Nike Careers

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Jobs of Interest Now available (JOIN) is a joint program to educate sneaker culture, students and employees in the marketplace, of the vast opportunities with footwear and apparel brands beyond design. Those who love kicks see very limited opportunities in the industry. They think there are only resale hustles of flipping kicks and design of sneakers as jobs. A look at the educational opportunities and it makes sense. What is often presented are programs at various institutions which allow you to learn the process of sneaker creation, but not everyone is a creative.

Some sneaker enthusiasts are mathematicians, some are engineers, others are planning, accounting, and logistics focused, all share kicks as a passion. SOLEcial Studies and arch felt the need to shine a light on the opportunities available. It’s not sexy and exciting, but it is important. This year SOLEcial Studies and arch will attempt to build a true sneaker convention. Not for trading sneakers or selling sneakers, but to help sneaker culture to find employment with the companies they support enthusiastically with their finances and energy.

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