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I came to sneaker design via Behance, CounterKicks and people like Dallas Stokes who built their own platforms to discuss with aspiring designers how to create sneaker concepts. I then latched on to D’Wayne Edwards, but all of this was done virtually and by any means I could find in the early 2000’s. There wasn’t a ton of social media prevalent so it was difficult to get the information I needed when I got the license for Sho-Shot and when I started arch in 2004 and 2009.

Things have changed drastically and if you are really interested in learning, the tools are more abundant than they have ever been. There is a gap however. An introductory concept hasn’t really existed, until now. Chris Dixon developed the Creative Discovery Tools Sketchbook and it’s incredible. The quote below says it all:

By challenging students to not only think of themselves as consumers, but also as creatives, CNSTNT DVLPMNT is a purposeful solution for the lack of diversity in footwear and apparel industries.

Greater representation in creative roles then leads to more relevant product that draws from unique perspectives and insights.


Have you wondered how to start a career in sneaker design? Do you have an art class finding it difficult to focus through distant learning, or in person? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur interested in the sneaker industry, especially design?

Chris Dixon has launched an amazing tool in his Creative Discovery Tools Sketchbook. Click the link above to learn more and listen to how I first learned about CD and why I’m excited about this product.

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