Unlikely Hikers X Merrell on a Midwest Tour Continuing the Good Vibes

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Group Hikes & Events – Unlikely Hikers

While those in the know, get the allusion to ATCQ’s “Award Tour” in the title, this isn’t a post about touring the hip-hop landscape. This post is about finding opportunities to connect with community. Jobs, School, Work, Small Business, Families, almost every aspect of life can contribute to various issues with mental wellbeing. Not everyone can throw on a pair of running shoes and hit the pavement. Many don’t have access to a gym and staying in the house to work out with a video can contribute to more feelings of loneliness. I’ve discussed the Unlikely Hikers before and their partnership with Merrell. I even created my own short “unlikely hiking” short video.

One of the best things about brands that don’t have to move on from a campaign the following week simply to keep up with being cool or chasing trends and the next hyped release, is a project can sustain beyond the moment a collection of footwear and apparel releases. The Unlikely Hikers are still collaborating with Merrell to deliver workshops across the country. The ultimate goal is to help those who might be experiencing issues with depression or those who feel like outcasts in a world where a social media post can make or break a person’s entire mood. If you’ve been looking for a bit of connection and haven’t been able to track down an event in your area here are a few dates on the tour. They fill up fast so sign up quickly.

top ranking lists:

  • 5/20 – Minneapolis, MN
  • 5/21 – Minneapolis, MN
  • 5/27 – Chicago, IL
  • 5/28 – Cleveland, OH

Unlikely Hikers X Merrell — Pride Month

Other dates for Unlikely Hiker events:

  • 6/11 – Hudson Valley, NY – w/Body Liberation Outdoor Club – registration opens 5/19
  • 6/17 – Western Massachusetts – May 18, 2023/The Venture Out Project – registration opens 5/25
  • 6/18 – Boston, MA – registration opens 5/25
  • 6/24 – Portland, OR – ACCESSIBLE – registration opens 6/5
  • 6/25 – Portland, OR – registration opens 6/5
  • 7/15-18 – Vermont – Queer Plus-Size Backpacking w/The Venture Out Project – Registration closed! At capacity.
  • 8/19-22 – Pacific Northwest – Queer Plus-Size Backpacking w/The Venture Out Project – Registration closed! At capacity.


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