The Clearweather CLOUD STRYK / FAIRBANKS is Either Icy or Off-White and that’s Fine

The Cloudstryk Fairbanks runs true to size. With, Suede Cotton, Stretch Mesh, Black Custom molded TPU lace system, Stryktec® midsole, Oval lace and black 2nd lace color


Easily one of the dopest sneakers to drop this year, The Cloudstryk Fairbanks arrives in a snowy Alaska color with black ice peeking through the layers via the shoelaces and lateral panel. I have yet to pick up a pair of Clearweather Brand sneakers because the sizing always gives me pause, but I have about three pair sitting in the funnel right now and I’m pretty sure I’m adding this pair although I know I’m going to be heavy on shoe protector to keep these icy. I’m also slightly hesitant because the product shots aren’t as white as the mailer pic. These appear to be more of an off-white vs bright white. Either way the shoe remains a solid staple in the array of drops from Clearweather, and to be honest snow is always a bit dirty.


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