Why I Love Sneakers Episode 7: JoIN Conference by arch and SOLEcial Studies

  JoIN: Jobs of Interest Now available | Wolverine Worldwide Careers https://arch-usa.com/join-jobs-of-interest-now-available-wolverine-worldwide-careers/ JoIN: Jobs of Interest Now available | Nike Careers https://arch-usa.com/join-jobs-of-interest-now-available-nike-careers/ SOLEcial Studies Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/solecialstudies/ Jobs of Interest Now available (JOIN) is a joint program to educate sneaker culture, students and employees in the marketplace, of the vast opportunities with footwear and apparel brands … Read more

ASICS Makes a Deep Investment Into Local Japanese Entrepreneurs via Sneaker Business Education

Gateway to ASICS Company Information, Investor Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Press Releases, Career and Recruitment and more. Source: ASICS Global – The Official Corporate Website for ASICS and Its Affiliates ASICS hasn’t slowed down on their investment into tech to lift the company to new heights. After launching the Accelerator program (linked below) … Read more

The Need For a Sneaker Business Oriented Curriculum is Vital | SOLEcial Studies by OSD Summer/Fall 2018 Registration


Way back in 2009 when I launched JmksportStore after Sho-Shot and Center Court Basketball came to an end, I lectured at the University of Memphis on why developing your own platform was important. I explained in that course that the only reason Sho-Shot was capable of grabbing the International Basketball League uniform deal, 9 colleges … Read more