Why the Zadehkicks Scandal Isn’t as Complex as You Think

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There are moments in sneaker culture that rock the foundation of how the entire industry is perceived. Typically, these moments happen when big names leave brands; like Kobe leaving adidas for Nike, or like Kanye leaving Nike for adidas. In most instances game changing moments in kicks aren’t really game changing. When the SNKRS app … Read more

Sneaker Resale is Broken: A Year over Year look at a Month on eBay is Astonishing

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Last month I wrote a post on how resale was slowing down on both StockX and eBay. During the time since I wrote that post, Sneaker Twitter and Sneaker IG have exploded with discussions on Marcus Jordan backdooring Trophy Room kicks and Benjamin Kickz getting 500 pair of the coveted Union Air Jordan 2. The … Read more

Does eBay Really Have the Best Fees in the Game? How Shipping Shapes Sneaker Resale


One of the primary methods of increasing the visibility of a listing on eBay is displaying a product with free shipping. On StockX the seller doesn’t pay shipping, my prediction is this will change in the very near future. Businesses, in response to Amazon’s long-standing policies which have shaped all of e-commerce, all offer some … Read more

adidas jake tech high boots core black mens | While eBay Adjusts to Combat StockX, Nike’s Circularity is an Additional Threat


Nike gives you plenty of opportunities to help fight climate change through your shopping choices. Source: How Nike Helps You Help the Planet There isn’t any secret that resale is getting more difficult to do. The Golden Goose isn’t done laying eggs, but the multitude of issues potential resellers face in a post-Covid environment are … Read more

How are the Supply Chain and StockX Shaping Sneaker Resale? Episode 309 of the Shoe in Show Podcast


Matt Priest and Andy Polk interview me for episode #309 of Shoe-in-Show. The question is how resale is being shaped by the supply chain and by StockX becoming the dominant source in sneaker resale. Check out the entire episode here: https://shoeinshow.com/episode/309-chris-burns-lights-again/

Sneaker Resale Report & Analysis January 2022


Year over year comparison finally reflects the reality of what I’ll label as Unassisted ReSale vs Assisted ReSale. What do I mean by URS vs ARS? Unassisted is the process of acquiring sneakers via legitimate methods: Retail purchasing and arbitrage, using the sneaker apps to win elusive, more coveted pairs, buying wholesale, all legit without … Read more

RRA September 2021 Part 3: Top 10 Sneakers Sold


Undoubtedly, if Nike released a ton of Nike Dunk or Air Jordan 1 High OG and they were readily conversible to the public (they’d be snatched up by resellers), those two shoes would have dominated the list. All hyped releases are dropped via raffles which means you would have to literally visit stores every day … Read more

RRA July August: Part 3 – Average Resale Price and How Has Resale Slowed Down?


Let’s revisit July to get a better grasp on how August shaped up. July had a lot of Dunks. August, I didn’t win hardly any raffles so the number of Air Jordan 1 and Dunks decreased. Here is what I wrote for July: The Average Resale Price in July on StockX was $129.68. This number … Read more

Resale Report and Analysis July 2021: Part 2 – Price Tier Breakdown & Amount Sold


I had 469 transactions in July 2021. That’s a jump back towards normal and doesn’t account for the number of wholesale transactions. I sold approximately 800 pair of shoes in wholesale. These shoes go on to be sold in retail outlets and on third party digital outlets. The wholesale is extremely limited in style, and … Read more

Where Do You Sell That Return? Size 10.5 – Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage White Black 2019


100% Authentic. These are the actual pictures. Source: Size 10.5 – Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage White Black 2019 I sold the shoes pictured in this post on StockX. When I sent the shoes, they were in perfect condition, brand new. By the time the box reached StockX, or when someone pulled the box out … Read more

Resale Report and Analysis June 2021: Part 3 | Resale is Broken but It Doesn’t Matter


Average Sold Price  In previous RRA’s I haven’t broken down my profit. I’d like to do that here, but it will be confusing. I’ll try to make it as clear as possible. First I’ll give you the Average resale price of the shoes sold on StockX which was $112.62 before fees. After StockX fees, the … Read more

Resale Report and Analysis June 2021: Part 1


Note: The RRA is based on my own sales numbers. This microset of data is meant to inform and I use it to make predictions about the sneaker industry. My ratio analysis consists of data pulled from utilizing third party marketplaces and wholesale relationships. The in-store analysis is my own research and does not reflect … Read more

Is StockX in the 4-6 year Slump Window?


I’ve been using StockX since 2017. From 2017 to today my average sold price has decreased as more sellers find out about the platform. That’s only natural and it happens on every site. On Amazon, from October of 2011 to December of 2012, I generated almost $600,000 dollars.  That number decreased as Amazon removed the … Read more

Two Small, Important Changes StockX Made that Sellers Missed… and a Prediction


Buy my books on business and the sneaker industry: https://arch-usa.com/shop/ StockX recently attained a 3.8Billion dollar valuation from their latest funding round. It’s becoming obvious the company is going to have to IPO soon. It’s now too expensive to be acquired by another major marketplace like eBay and the value is approaching the same level … Read more

Sneaker Resale Report & Analysis 1st Third 2021 | Website Traffic Analysis – Part 5


An analysis of website traffic can help with discussions on DTC and brand health. I’ve chosen sneaker industry websites, brands and retailers, with two exceptions. StockX and Stadium Goods are included in this breakdown to show how Nike is the tide that lifts all boats. The other brand website growth speaks towards the in-store observation … Read more

Sneaker Resale Report & Analysis 1st Third 2021 | In-Store Observations – Part 5 updated with photos


STORE OBSERVATIONS: 1. Hibbett Sports and City Gear have serious inventory issues. One City Gear store’s Jordan Brand wall was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen for a chain with an account in good standing with Nike. It’s not just one store either. Almost every store has a shortage of Nike inventory. This … Read more

Sneaker Resale Report & Analysis 1st Third 2021 | Top 10 Sneakers Sold – Part 4


The reason I can unquestionably state that resale is an indicator of brand heat is because I utilize my microset of data to compare it to the information available on footwear websites covering the industry. The resale here isn’t the hyped Sacai, Travis Scott, or Yeezy resale; it’s a more realistic vision of what’s taking … Read more

Sneaker Resale Report & Analysis 1st Third 2021 January to April 19th 2021 – Part 3


The two charts above give the average price of the shoes I sold vs the average price of shoes sold on StockX and the Suggested Retail Price. Once again, my resale has to be considered as close to wholesale accounts as possible. Most of the product is arriving straight out of Nike doors and the … Read more

Sneaker Resale Report & Analysis 1st Third 2021 January to April 19th – Part 2


Number of Resale transactions in T1 2021 I had 2,170 transactions from January 1st to April 19th. The majority of footwear sold was in the low-mid tier pricepoint. Most of those shoes came from brand doors. The sales at the high to premium pricepoint were primarily purchased at retail. What does this mean? Nike dwarfs … Read more

Sneaker Resale Report & Analysis 1st Third 2021 January to April 19th – Part 1


This is Part 1 of the report for the first third of 2021. I’ve been busy adjusting to the rules at retail to offset resale. Most hyped general release shoes are released via retail Apps. In brick and mortar locations, stores are flagged for selling more than five pair of shoes at a time to … Read more