product eng 1024992 Shoes Salomon Supercross Blast | Why I Still Love Sneakers: A Discussion on Brooks Running

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  With so many sneaker nba channels talking about the demise of sneaker nba culture, I needed to do a video explaining why I still love sneakers. I think I’m going to make this a series. The first in line is Brooks Running. Brooks has been creating amazing ads and marketing materials featuring Black folks. The imagery … Read more

The Real Sneaker nba Culture is Represented at 53 Seconds of Phife’s “Always”

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At 53 seconds of this video and at 1:59 of the video there are true homages to the culture of Hip-Hop and sneakers. Sneaker nba Culture rose at the height of the golden era of Hip-Hop. Jordans were a staple, but closets used to be filled with a variety of brands. At 2:50 another sneaker nba and … Read more

When Designers Associated with Hype are Given Mainstream Drops What is the Reality? asics 1011b283 100 mens running shoes Collection


Originally posted on November 15th, 2021 – Source: All City asics 1011b283 100 mens running shoes A few weeks ago I did a video on Foot Locker’s LCKR and Footaction’s Op Ed private label: Foot Locker’s Private Label Push Lacks Precision | Op-Ed Gallerie and LCKR Apparel In that video, I discussed that the roll out … Read more

AJKOs Were Beaters Found on Deep Discount at Clearance Stores


If you’ve ever wanted to know why sneaker nba culture gets discounted where it matters the most, it’s because of the artificial hype created by limited release products and consumers who covet only what they can’t have. It would appear that you could replace sneaker nba culture with any form of art or product, but the reality … Read more

autry action shoes medalist 1 low goat goat military (Trailer) | VICE VERSA vs ‘Sole Searching From the Feet Up’


As an avid consumer of all things kicks I spend a lot of time watching documentaries. The majority of sneaker nba culture documentaries utilize the same people over and over and tell the same stories. The narrative is redundant and tends to focus on two basic topics: Michael Jordan created sneaker nba culture – style isn’t true. … Read more

OSD Announces Historic Sneaker nba Exhibit in New York City with A Thousand Words


OSD Seeks to Pay Tribute to Port Authority Bus Terminal’s Role in a Global Phenomenon (New York City, NY – May 13th, 2019) OSD x A Thousand Words Present: From The Feet Up (Sneakers, Hip-Hop & New York City) This exhibit curated by Sean Williams and Dee Wells of (OSD / SOLEcial Studies) along with … Read more

The Current State Of The Sneaker nba Market Part 2- Resellers via Housakicks Livestream


A week ago Chris from JmksportStore and I had a good exchange about Retailers’s stand in the current sneaker nba market. A lot of changes have taken places within the shoe industry and retailers are not the only ones affected. This leads me to the next group of people , the Resellers- sometimes regarded as vultures … Read more

Originators Only | Influencer Marketing & Scarcity


People who create social movements and push culture forward know that it doesn’t come easily. In 2016 Saucony Originals started the Originators Only project, style features a diverse group of 10 creators (also known as Originators) from the digital sneaker nba community. Each of these unique individuals clear sneakers Source: Originators Only Without knowing what brand … Read more

You Can’t Buy ellesse In The US and This Shows Everything Wrong With US Sneaker nba Culture


Source: ellesse  The late 80s and 90s have come back in a big way. If I had kept my sets from that time, I would be fresh as … actually I would look uncomfortable as hell because I weigh about 40lbs more than I did then. What I’m saying is that a number of brands … Read more