In 2018 Nike Began Repairing Kyrie’s Image, in 2022 They Dropped Him

Nike Drops Kyrie

In 2018 Kyrie’s sneaker sales were declining. The Kyrie 1-3 were the best-selling Nike Basketball signature sneakers. Those models showed up in NPD data for top 10 sneakers sold, establishing Kyrie as a mainstream, general release success for the Swoosh. Even in my own data Kyrie’s sneakers from 1-3 garnered considerable above retail sales in … Read more

Has Nike Basketball Bounced Back?

Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire 2

Since last year when the Nike Zoom G.T. Cut was released, Nike Basketball has been slowing climbing back towards relevance. The design language of the Cut 1 was inspired by the Nike Kobe line, but when you dig a bit deeper you can find a reference in some hot sellers for Jordan Pinnacle and Nike … Read more

Rolling Out the Converse All Star Pro BB in Comparison to How Other Pinnacles Introduced New Basketball Models


Synthesizing Converse’s deep hoops heritage and utilizing the latest in NIKE, Inc., innovation, the all-new shoe releases in May. Source: The Converse All Star Pro BB with Drop-in Nike React midsole When I began to write about marketing I developed a concept and used that concept to discuss Nike’s drop of the Kyrie 4. Why … Read more

Nike and adidas Prepare for the NBA Season in Distinctive Ways | Marketing


Source: SLOW DOWN FAST: ADIDAS & JAMES HARDEN CREATE SPACE WITH HARDEN VOL. 3 As adidas Jerry to launch the third model in the reigning MVPs line, Nike is also preparing for their NBA launch with their signature models from LeBron arriving and the KD 11 launched during the summer. There is an interesting approach … Read more

Penny Hardaway is the First Nike Signature Athlete To Become an NCAA Head Coach and It’s A Big Deal


picture via the Commercial Appeal and Mark Weber (Penny Hardaway with his former high school teammate Elliot Perry who also played 9 years in the NBA) Penny has been away from the NBA for ten years. In that time he’s won championships from middle school to high school and AAU as a head coach. His … Read more

Nike Should’ve Dropped Another Gem During The Celtics vs Cavs Game


Originally posted on Housakicks The Celtics vs Cavs game was probably one of the most anticipated games of the year. LeBron and Cleveland had just discarded more than half of their roster and added some very solid pieces to the team. Three of their best acquisitions were Jordan Clarkson who is a bona fide scorer- this … Read more

Insider Ties -Episode 93: Deciphering the Kobe Code on the Kobe A.D. Black Mamba


Question from YouTuber: Chairman7W – Q: Any idea what the braille symbols on the Kobe AD mean? Note the Kobe Code is not braille; it’s a variation of braille developed by Kobe and Avar. I spent last night decoding the Kobe Code on the Black Mamba A.D. I used a number of different sites as … Read more

Nike Kyrie 4 “Ankle Taker” | Authentic Verification


The original flat Earth version… jk The first version of the Kyrie 4 dropped on Xmas Day. It featured a Black/White with turquoise-jade speckled midsole and vivid flex groove in the outsole. One of the few basketball shoes to feature premium suede on the upper from Nike it’s the best performance shoe in my opinion … Read more

The Nike PG2 Playstation Market Value | They’ll Be On Every Reseller’s Radar


Originally posted on Housakicks I was trying to analyze the current market value of the Nike PG2 Playstation and I had nothing to work with. What I mean is I couldn’t find a sizable amount of sales data on the shoes to build a case. The only thing I could find was a total of three … Read more

The Nike Kyrie 4 Was Built Primarily For Performance


Originally posted on Housakicks The Nike Kyrie 4 is officially debuting on December 20th. As I stated in the title of the post, the kyrie 4 was primarily for performance purposes and rightfully so. Kyrie Irving is an effective “razzle dazzle” type of player; I used the word effective for specific reasons. There are a fair … Read more

The Black Nike Air Zoom Generation Is Upon Us | $175 What Does The Inflation Say?


Originally posted on Housakicks The month of January saw the return of Lebron’s Nike Air Zoom Generation in its original colorway. They were originally introduced in 2003 as a young LJ was entering the league.  He has definitely lived up to his expectations and has graced us with some of the best basketball highlights ever. I … Read more

Nike Opened A Can Of Worms, Bootleggers Cavaliers X Off Grey Air More Uptempo


Originally posted on Housakicks Nike did unleash the uptempo dragon with the countless iterations of the shoes they’ve come up with. A few days ago, I found out about the NYC uptempo which is part of the  city inspired collection  Nike has concocted. I think the whole idea is absurd but the Pinnacle was smart enough to make … Read more

Nike Kyrie S1 Hybrid Triple Black AJ5165-901, Is This The Shoe That’ll Cost $80?


Originally posted on Housakicks The Celtics are probably the hottest team in the Eastern Conference right now with 11 straight wins since their rocky start. And part of their success is directly linked to Kyrie Irving’s offensive prowess coupled with a dynamic young core under the leadership of the genius of Brad Stevens. Kyrie’s love for … Read more

Nike Air Force 1 LV8 HO20 GS 'White Eggplant', Why Not | Roswell Rayguns Connecting Past & Present


Originally posted on Housakicks Kyrie Irving aka “uncle drew” is definitely in his element with the Boston Celtics . Their season started with a devastating injury to forward Gordon Hayward. Everyone thought the Celtics were doomed but I don’t think people understand the resiliency of that team. Kyrie wanted a team of his own and he … Read more

Nike NBA Jerseys With Nike Connect | Will Augmented Reality Drive Engagement?


Get closer to the game than ever before. Tap your phone to the Nike NBA Connected Jersey and unlock highlights, early access to exclusive gear, and more. Source: Jerseys Earlier this year I stated that adidas had failed the WNBA and the NBA with the work they didn’t do while having both leagues. It was … Read more

Nike Is Taking Kyrie To Asia For the First Time


  Irving will immerse himself in Asian basketball culture while traveling to Japan, Taiwan and China. Check back daily for new photos and videos. Source: Nike News – Kyrie Irving Tours Asia with Nike Basketball This is actually a very big deal for the Swoosh as the Kyrie remains the top selling basketball shoe for … Read more

Will The Nike Hyperdunk Low Global Cities Pack Inspire?


The New HyperFam collection recognizes the unique culture of summer basketball in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Manila, Beijing and Madrid. Source: Six New Nike Hyperdunk Low Styles Celebrate Basketball’s Global Capital Cities Nike Basketball may not be performing at the level that analyst desire, but that doesn’t mean that Nike is going to back … Read more

Why Nike Basketball’s 2017 Rookie Class Doesn’t Matter


These seven talented players represent the next generation. Markelle Fultz, De’Aaron Fox, Jayson Tatum, Malik Monk, Bam Adebayo, Harry Giles and Jonathan Isaac Source: Nike News – Nike Basketball Announces Its 2017 Rookie Class Nike also added Lauri Markkanen to its roster and it doesn’t matter. Last year adidas pulled off a grab of the most talented … Read more

Hi-Tec Nike Heritage | Why Have Sales of Nike’s Kyrie Signature Shoes Dropped?


The Nike Kyrie has been the best selling basketball shoe from Nike’s signature line in the last few years. How do I know this? I wrote an article on the shoe a while back discussing how well the shoe was performing. If Basketball Sales Are Dead Why Is The Kyrie Selling? Sportswear analyst Matt Powell … Read more

MVP: Why Not? | Why It Doesn’t Help Jordan Pinnacle or Nike Basketball


Jordan Pinnacle celebrates Russell Westbrook’s historic MVP season. Source: Nike News – MVP: Why Not? Let me be the first to say this is not a post bashing Westbrook. If you’re looking for that go elsewhere. Russell is the type of player I would have loved to coach. He works harder than anyone on the … Read more