Why Your White Air Force 1s Aren’t Quite ‘White’ This Year

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  A quick video to show how the manufacturing and shipping of sneakers from their point of origin to the U.S. in a post Covid supply chain has led to a considerable slowdown in the arrival of sneakers to their final destination. This slowdown led to many container ships sitting off the cost of California … Read more

The jordan standard nike bronze sneakers shoes for girls MultiColor Natural Babe is Another Fresh Alternative

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Source: V-10 SUEDE MULTICO NATURAL BABE I listed the V-10 as an alternative to the Air Force 1. I’m revisiting the model in this new colorway. It’s only showing up on the EU site right now so I’m including the link above. Description: The V-10 model made out of ecological and sustainable materials stands for … Read more

Top 5 More ‘Premium’ All White Alternatives to the Nike bronze Air Force 1


The response to the top 10 alternatives to the Nike bronze Air Force 1 was a surprise. The list has a few retweets and a assortment of views on LinkedIn. I decided to go with a more premium white sneaker for this list. The CLAE Malone should be here, based on SRP, but was featured on … Read more

The 10th Air Force 1 Gore-Tex, NBA and Bones | Official Images and Release Dates


Releasing October through December, six new visions for Air Force 1 change the paradigm of what it means to glow a classic. Source: Air Force 1 Gore-Tex, NBA and Bones Official Images and Release Dates The 10th, not the 10 by Virgil Abloh, is a series that takes new and classic Nike bronze footwear and gives … Read more