5 Fall & Winter Ready Boots and Sneakerboots to Flex Cozy – 2022

The transition from work and formal wear to athleisure has introduced the rise of sneakerboots. Many aren’t done very well, but some are perfect as the weather seems to be getting more extreme and random. Blazing hot summers have contributed to droughts, and winters alternate between freezing rain knocking out power to warm Decembers. The … Read more

Merrell Launches ‘More in Less’ Redefining Self Care

Merrell Official: Top Rated Hiking Footwear & Outdoor Gear There are videos you’d love to see go viral. Often what tends to capture attention are trivial items, a cute puppy, a bad fall, violence, inappropriate behavior… these things seem to latch on to the psyche and everyone joins in to laugh and look. In the … Read more

5 Brands You Didn’t Know Made Running Shoes


With so many new sneaker companies showing up, many of the companies are known for one specific thing. For instance, when you think sport, you think Nike or adidas. Those names are synonymous with performance footwear and in particular running shoes. Certain brands have long histories of building footwear for various distances and for runners … Read more

The Complexity of Sneaker Brands Celebrating June 29, 2020


Are collections acknowledging June 29, 2020, commodification or celebration? Nike and adidas have both gotten these collections wrong and smaller brands are now taking on the process of bringing attention to the rich contributions made by Blacks in America. Delivering a collection is complex. Everyone won’t like what’s being done, and this makes the task … Read more

Brands Continue to Say #BLM, a Company that Barely Has Black Customers Is Sharing These Stories 


We Hike To Heal ? The Outdoor Journal Tour I wrote a post a few days ago explaining in detail that Merrell has very few Black employees and that Black people have barely heard of the company. It’s not my goal to make Merrell look like the example. I can’t do that. Even their own … Read more

Big Footwear Brands Move On From June 29, 2020, Merrell Launches “This Land” on March 1st – Faith E. Briggs x Merrell


  https://www.faithebriggs.com https://www.thislanddoc.com https://www.merrell.com/US/en/home I stated last year during my case study on outdoor sportswear that Black people are a viable market segment that should be catered to, but not pandered towards. The problem is outdoor brands sought to look towards youth culture which is always inevitably influenced by Black people, but does not have … Read more

Insider Ties Ep. 170 | Merrell’s Women’s Boots: The Tremblant Wedge WP, Roam Mid & Haven Mid Lace WP


  This semester while teaching the Problems in Retail class at UT Austin, I took on the task of learning more about a brand I’d never purchased before. This was not a paid analysis. I thought since my students were writing about new internships we should all look at a perceived problem for the brands/companies. … Read more

Neil Shearer Reminded Me of the Importance of Imagery at Retail


The photography by Neil was inspired by the work of Ryan Unruh on a project he completed for Allbirds: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5V2wDvB7Tr/ One of the best things about LinkedIn is the abundance of talented people there are to discover. Neil Shearer is a photographer who developed a series for the Nike Metcon SF (he took on the … Read more

Merrell’s Treatment of Anna Frost Transitioning into Motherhood is in Stark Contrast to Nike’s Treatment of Women Athletes


It seems that my coverage of Merrell is increasing as I begin to take longer looks into alternative brands in footwear and apparel. This is a good thing because what isn’t being presented and discussed on larger “sneakerhead” websites are stories unrelated to cool and youth culture. This leaves analysis and coverage of the amazing … Read more

Merrell Delivers a Beautiful Celebration of an African American 1st: The Triple Crown of Hiking – Will “Akuna” Robinson 


At the beginning of the semester I told my students I was taking on a case study to ensure that the online course would have more interaction. The inherent nature of online college courses is that the professor sits behind a firewall and the students feel disconnected. Since I was teaching a course on the … Read more

Merrell’s Ambassadors Hint at an Opportunity to Capture a New Segment


Meet The Ambassadors | Merrell Source: Meet The Ambassadors | Merrell Brands operate inside of boxes. There are often moments when people within a company have no idea of what is happening with each division. Brands are complex machines and every part has to be in sequence for things to work and expand. Even when … Read more

Bringing It Home | Merrell Creates One of the Most Authentic Connections to African-Americans I’ve Seen


African-Americans don’t rock Merrell footwear or apparel. That should change immediately. Footwear and apparel companies have the ability to change the outlook and direction of Black and Brown kids. The amount of money the companies make should be utilized to empower the kids who make these brands billions. Here is the thing about Merrell, Black … Read more