Will StockX’s Pivot in Marketing Help to Offset the Negative Attention from Nike Contributing to the Site’s Declining Traffic?

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StockX has been the fastest growing sneaker resale platform created. The company launched with influencers and the “Now You Know” ads featuring Wale and YouTubers like Foamer Simpson to gain credibility with the sneaker community. They then landed in a Super Bowl ad with Rocket Mortgage. Following those marketing strategies up, the platform rolled out … Read more

Fly Human Fly: HOKA’s Multi-layered “Pursuit” of the Run

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I wouldn’t really relate running to flying, but the saying when a runner is fast, “they’re flying,” is pretty common. Hoka takes the flight one step farther in what appears to be a whimsical marketing spot where athletes soar over cars and through parks trying to escape what looks like a cloud from Dr. Strange’s … Read more

HOKA is Mastering the Beneficial Aspect of Loving from Within | Niche Marketing Strategies


HY ROSARIO discusses the Anacapa and Hiking Footwear I developed a ‘not-so’ new concept marketing strategy a few years ago: Niche-Out Marketing & E.N.D.E.A.R.S© The D and E in the strategy are for Designers and Education. The reason I created the concept was to hopefully hit brands since I was having a difficult time garnering … Read more

nike air pro turf stove repair parts | HOKA Captures My Attention with their Support of Black Women 


Above is Rachel Cargle entrepreneur, author and philanthropic innovator. The Founder and CEO of The Loveland Group – an umbrella company which houses a collection of social ventures – The Great Unlearn – a self-paced, donation based learning community, The Great Unlearn for Young Learners – an online learning space for young folks launching in 2022, and Elizabeth’s bookshop … Read more

F.I.L.A. Falling In Love Again | Fila Continues to Confuse with Cool Concepts and Fractured Retail


Source: Falling in Love Again (fila.com) In the last year, I’ve taken a real interest in watching how Fila is entering the market. It’s a project which doesn’t deliver the site a considerable amount of traffic, so why would I look so deeply into a brand that hit for a small amount of time three … Read more

Should adidas Try to Move Fans to the Confirmed App for Content?


adidas has ramped up content creation inside of their digital experience on the Confirmed App. They are posting stories daily which is a constant for every sneaker brand attempting to capture the lightning that Nike has with SNKRS and their Nike App. Nike noted in 2017 that they do 3 times the transactions within their … Read more

Bodega’s ‘In Conversation w/ Kacey Lynch of Bricks & Wood’ Is Transformative Content


pic via Bodega Source: In Conversation w/ Kacey Lynch of Bricks & Wood I’ve been a fan of Bodega for a very long time. As one of the indie sneaker boutiques I see doing a variety of projects to inform and engage their fans, I often use them as an example of what larger retailers … Read more

Puma Nabs Killian Hayes Understanding the Importance of the Global Aspect of Basketball


Source: PUMA SIGNS NBA GUARD KILLIAN HAYES TO THE PUMA HOOPS FAMILY – PUMA CATch up The NBA’s MVP is a Nigerian who lived in Greece. The best rising star in the league is from Croatia and while the U.S. still dominates the game of basketball, that dominance is basically a 100m dash where the … Read more

CLAE AW21 Collection, Quality is Everything | Should Brands Know and Maintain, or Train to Gain?


CLAE continues to be a leader in what I have labeled as elegant, elevated athletic footwear. This market is consistently overlooked and unfortunately for CLAE the boutiques that should be able to enhance the profile of the company and introduce the brand to a new demographic, are also deeply embedded into hype culture, forcing the … Read more

New Balance x Coco Gauff’s First Collection Seems to be Missing Parts of the Sales Strategy


Source: NEW BALANCE AND COCO GAUFF REVEAL THE TENNIS STAR’S FIRST COLLECTION New Balance continues to roll out collabs utilizing their athletes and celebrating their endorsement of teams. It’s a page from the classic marketing textbook for sneaker companies. That isn’t what’s important here. What is important is how New Balance is balancing their relationships … Read more

nike air pro turf stove repair parts | When Brands Underutilize Platforms, How Do You Get the Message? York Athletics


YORK Athletics Mfg. is a 3rd generation family owned performance footwear brand based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Backed by footwear industry heavy weights, they’re blazing a new trail in the health & wellness community with their ‘Out of Step’ mindset and fighting spirit. #footwearforfighters I’ve long known about York Athletics. I don’t own a pair, … Read more

As Reebok’s Imminent Sale Looms, the Brand Finally Looks Free | CrateMaster: A Film by Kerby Jean-Raymond


Reebok only has about two small sections on the wall at retail outlets. They are typically combined with New Balance, Fila and adidas. In many retail stores they don’t have any floor space at all, and due to the sheer volume of Nike product in every sneaker store, Reebok, which shouldn’t be overlooked, can be … Read more

adidas Rolls Out Performance Options Celebrating a Summer of Sport 


As athletes continue to return to competition, we are celebrating sport this summer with our biggest multi-sport assortment of performance footwear to date. With the celebration of all sports, all tea Source: CELEBRATING THE SUMMER OF SPORTING COMPETITION WITH PERFORMANCE FOOTWEAR DESIGNED TO INCLUDE ALL SPORTS, TEAMS, AND ATHLETES The Olympics offer a moment for every brand … Read more

Social Media, Solely, is not a Solution | INKKAS® Global Footwear


INKKAS® Footwear offers online shoes, sneakers and boots that brings the world together. Made with authentic textiles from Peru, Guatemala, Mexico and more! Source: Online Shoes and Sneakers for Men and Women | INKKAS® Global Footwear While browsing Facebook I ran across an ad for Inkkas. I recalled the company from when I funded on … Read more

The New Ford Bronco Sport ad, featuring Black Women, is Perfect for a Cross Promotional Opportunity | Missed Opportunity in Marketing


I’m watching the NBA Playoffs, I can’t recall which game, but the ad below comes on and I immediately grab my phone to take notes. I go online to search for it and find it  on the YouTube of Black Girls Do Bike (Go Subscribe to their channel now). Seeing it reinforces a discussion I’ve … Read more

Marketing Matters: Brooks Brothers x FILA + Short Film ‘Scandal’


Dee Wells @DeeWellsOSD on Twitter, shared the Brooks Brothers x Fila collab and began a dialogue that eventually led to the question, exactly who is this collection built for? Brooks Brothers hasn’t been performing very well lately as the athleisure trend has hindered the brands reach and Covid has taken the focus off of suits. … Read more

SNKRLAW by Kenneth Anand & Jared Goldstein Chapter 5 & 6 Licensing and Marketing


Visit https://sneakerlaw.com In this lecture I dive into how not having the appropriate paperwork for my licensing agreement with a sneaker company led to bankruptcy. I also discuss the issues that arise in blogging and utilizing pictures from websites that you may not have permission to use.   Video breakdown 1:39 Launching the Center Court … Read more

New Balance’s AR Filter Game for IG Celebrates AS Roma Deal, but that isn’t the Story


Source: AS Roma joins New Balance Last week I discussed Nike’s acquisition of Datalogue: Nike Continues its Acquisition of Tech to Advance CDA with Data Integration Company Datalogue While this isn’t exactly a similar tech move by NB, it does show how brands are finding new ways to engage a diverse marketplace, but as a … Read more

Puma vs Merrell: A Quick Case Study in Enhancing the Digital Customer Experience


Hoodie by Know Definition: https://knowdefinition.com/ When I operated arch as a footwear company, Instagram wasn’t popping and to be honest, it didn’t matter. I underutilized my website and never placed the effort needed into the site because I also ran a successful resale business. The mistakes I made, I learned from and this video is … Read more

Jerry Lorenzo dropped a Collection with Nike on Nov. 12th & Signed with adidas Dec. 22nd


Designers, Collaborators, and Influencers are driving the creative process behind collections, but do brands really need to work with people outside of their companies? What do you think about Jerry Lorenzo working with adidas so soon after his most recent collection release with Nike. Will this propel adidas in basketball? Links in the article: adidas … Read more