Is the Double Down Between adidas Originals and MRBAILEY the Prelude to a Kanye Disconnect?

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Having first collaborated on the iconoclastic SST Ammonite shoe as part of the brand’s Catalyst for Change program in 2020, adidas Originals and MRBAILEY have come together once again Source: adidas Originals and MRBAILEY Announce their Collaborative Partnership In recent weeks Kanye has called out adidas for “stealing” his design ideas. The claim isn’t without … Read more

Delineation: A Deeper Dive Into Birkenstock’s Separation from the Pack 

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pictured above is Maya Wasowicz – In her coach’s opinion, Maya Wasowicz is one of the ten best karate fighters in the world. When the Polish-born athlete moved to New York at the age of eleven, she did not speak a single word of English. Her passion for sports introduced her to karate. Here, she … Read more

Who Made adidas Hot Again? Kanye, BOOST, Run DMC and Retro? | via GQ 


Adidas’s senior VP of global brand strategy breaks down why the brand with the three stripes is the hottest sneaker brand on the planet right now. Source: Adidas Tells Us How It Plans to Catch Nike | GQ I’ve written several articles explaining why sneakerheads think Kanye is the key to adidas success. I’ve written … Read more

Should adidas Mass Produce the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2?


  Source: adidas Originals – YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 adidas is dropping one of the most hyped releases of the year post All Star, the Zebra Yeezy. Sales have been very disappointing on the recent EQT releases and the basketball releases are almost dead for the brand so when in doubt, drop two Yeezy colorways … Read more

adidas outlet commerce ga fire? (Not as easy as you think) adidas adidas predators lone hunter state park tennessee 


adidas adidas predators lone hunter state park tennessee, three pair on one day! Release date is Nov. 23, 2016 at a retail price of $220. Yeezy just aligned himself with Donald Trump… It doesn’t matter one bit and unlike New Balance people won’t let that stop them from picking up the adidas vs. nike worldwide sales manager training. With the shoe dropping … Read more

Insider Ties: Kanye helps Jordan fuel growth in $1B sneaker resale business


Source: Kanye helps Jordan fuel growth in $1B sneaker resale business I never thought I’d see the time that a major publication utilized sneakerhead hype as a clickbait post, but this article has very little to do with Kanye and nothing to do with Jordan. As a matter of fable the article could be split … Read more

Business & Art: Kanye x Adidas @ NYFW


video from Highsnobiety My thoughts on Kanye and his fashion show: The guy has been in a dark place since his mom died. As an artist everything he’s done has represented that pretty much.  Consider that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy released with a 30 minute movie that showed the destruction of a Phoenix and the … Read more