Embiid is the MVP | Under Armour’s Athletes are Slowly Building Legacy Moments to Move the Brand Forward

A brand can’t sell a legacy to fans when it’s young. Retro doesn’t exist without a historical moment of reference. Under Armour at one point had the MVP of every major American sport, Brady, Curry and Harper. The brand didn’t capitalize on this historic event. Under Armour has always underutilized its assets. It always seemed … Read more

The Man Behind the Difficult Task of Building the UA Embiid One: Reggie Wilson 

UA’s Footwear Designer Reggie Wilson Shares What Went Into Designing Joel Embiid’s First Signature Shoe Source: Interview with UA Embiid One Designer Reggie Wilson I don’t work for Under Armour so I get to discuss the difficult aspects of launching a new signature model from the outside. What do I mean by difficult? Let me … Read more

M.O.M | Under Armour Misses a Prime Local Marketing Opportunity


M.O.M stands for Missed Opportunities in Marketing. I often write about marketing strategies that went awry or missed the mark. It’s easy to armchair quarterback on the work being done in-house and by ad agencies for brands. What’s difficult is actually pulling together a campaign from scratch. In these M.O.Ms I plan to introduce concepts … Read more

Mo Bamba Gives Under Armour A Chance to Do Something #Dope


[email protected] welcomes Harlem native, first round draft pick & @OrlandoMagic center, @therealMoBamba Source: Mo Bamba Joins UA Basketball Roster I know it seems that UA adding another big man to the roster after Joel Embiid feels redundant. I also know that these additions prior to the upcoming conference call for Q3 feel like they are … Read more

From 7 Years Ago to Now and it’s Bigger Than Basketball | Why Joel Embiid Could Save Under Armour


@UnderArmour welcomes @JoelEmbiid to the #sqUAd! Source: Bigger Than Basketball First before I dig into my typical analysis of Under Armour, I beg you to take about 8 minutes and click the link above and read. Did you read it? Under Armour just landed a big man and big men don’t sell shoes. If we … Read more