Allbirds Quietly Adds Lanes | From the Feet Up – 50 Years of Beats & Sneaks – Mana Contemporary

Buried in the details around this dope celebration of Hip-Hop and Sneaker Culture is a small detail: Allbirds and Veja are involved in this event. To my knowledge this is the first effort by environmentally conscious brands to participate in the education of the sneaker community. The information Allbirds and Veja will discuss isn’t presented … Read more

June 6, 2019 (Trailer) | VICE VERSA vs ‘Sole Searching From the Feet Up’

As an avid consumer of all things kicks I spend a lot of time watching documentaries. The majority of sneaker culture documentaries utilize the same people over and over and tell the same stories. The narrative is redundant and tends to focus on two basic topics: Michael Jordan created sneaker culture – which isn’t true. … Read more

KICKNKNOWLEDGE Presents From the Feet Up with Sean “OSD Paper Chaser” Williams


  The fact that in NYC public transportation facilities offer art display space seems like an acknowledgement that the bombers in Wild Style have earned the respect of the city. At least that’s how I see it. Sneaker Culture I feel is the left out aspect of Hip-Hop. Voices like that of Sean Williams are … Read more

For the Culture! From The Feet Up: Sneakers, Hip-Hop, and New York…


This is one of those times I wish I could take a quick flight up to NYC and then fly back to edit the video from an art exhibit that details the rich history of kicks in THE city. Words from Sean Williams: Greetings Everyone!   If you’re receiving this email it is because you’re … Read more