5 Fall & Winter Ready Boots and Sneakerboots to Flex Cozy – 2022

The transition from work and formal wear to athleisure has introduced the rise of sneakerboots. Many aren’t done very well, but some are perfect as the weather seems to be getting more extreme and random. Blazing hot summers have contributed to droughts, and winters alternate between freezing rain knocking out power to warm Decembers. The … Read more

On First Glance, What Brand Made the NatureX?


The ultimate casual sports hybrid, Nature X One is packed with performance materials and next-gen technology. Brand new biomechanically innovative soles compress at the heel and flex with your feet as they move, combining with targeted cushioning and a flexible construction to absorb shock and move freely. Using our iconic Tor sports silhouette, it’s a … Read more

Top 10 Sneakers for Date Night


It’s getting colder, but you still don’t want to break out the Timbs just yet. You want a sneaker that can survive the cold weather, but isn’t just another plain white pair of tennis shoes. Maybe you’re married, or maybe this is your first date. You want your partner to check you out from head … Read more

Top 10 Running Lifestyle Sneakers $100 Dollars and Under for Holiday 21


The arrival of inventory is slow due to the supply chain disruptions and manufacturing shut downs in countries where footwear production takes place. This will shape retail throughout the holiday season. While many of the coveted sneakers have already arrived and will be available, those shoes tend to be in the high to premium price … Read more