No Hype, Raffles or Signature Drops for Famous Footwear so Why Deliver a Black History Month Activation?

Discover the latest styles of brand name shoes & accessories for Men, Women & Kids. Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store or at Curbside with our Famously Fast Pickup! Source: Famous Footwear, Shoes for Women, Men & Kids This is the first post on Famous Footwear on arch. When I analyze the sneaker industry my metrics … Read more

Should Sneaker Brands Create Black History Month Collections? Part 1 & Part 2 The Unboxing

I was in the process of trying on apparel and footwear from Under Armour’s Black History Month collection and I went on a rant about why brands decide to create niche, limited drops that unfortunately are isolated from a more diverse consumer base when it shouldn’t be. I spoke so long I had to cut … Read more

Under Armour’s Black History Month Drops Have Been Both Empowering and Dope, but It Doesn’t Matter… Here’s Why


Source: Celebrating Black History Month The spate of Black History Month sneaker collections has diminished considerably, but Under Armour has made an effort to consistently outdo itself every year over the last 5 celebrations. The brand has delivered collaborative efforts with this generation’s Gordon Parks, Devin Allen: Under Armour’s Inspirational Collab with Devin Allen Could … Read more

Timberland’s Black History Month Campaign and Sneakerheads Who Complain About BHM Collections


Timberland launched a project called From The Root in honor of Black History Month.  Entirely envisioned and produced by Black creatives… led by Black owned/women-led advertising shop CHÉ Creative, and brought to life in collaboration with Director Dalia Dias, Executive Producer DAPS from CR8TIVE ROW, Author and Narrator Jahleel Coleman of 13th & Create, and Wardrobe Stylist AmiraaVee. Creatively, … Read more

Under Armour and adidas Create Important BHM and Women’s Initiatives for 2022


adidas Women in Sport:–/s/866bd72a-e669-4d6c-b01f-6e566d8f572b Under Armour Black History Month Collection 2022: I did this video to explain how Black history and the treatment of women historical concepts aren’t in black and white. The mistreatment and issues with race are recent and continue to take place, in some instances, intentionally and in others by … Read more

The Complexity of Sneaker Brands Celebrating Black History Month


Are collections acknowledging Black History Month, commodification or celebration? Nike and adidas have both gotten these collections wrong and smaller brands are now taking on the process of bringing attention to the rich contributions made by Blacks in America. Delivering a collection is complex. Everyone won’t like what’s being done, and this makes the task … Read more

Big Footwear Brands Move On From Black History Month, Merrell Launches “This Land” on March 1st – Faith E. Briggs x Merrell

blank I stated last year during my case study on outdoor sportswear that Black people are a viable market segment that should be catered to, but not pandered towards. The problem is outdoor brands sought to look towards youth culture which is always inevitably influenced by Black people, but does not have … Read more

adidas Passed on Black History Month for “Change Is a Team Sport” & a Heavy Investment In Dame


Since its inception, adidas’ iconic Superstar shoe has stood for those who aren’t afraid to stand for something. Source: Change Is a Team Sport From 2015 to 2017 adidas had a grasp on everything that made fans flock to the brand. The companies marketing was incomparable, but they also had the cushioning tech BOOST to … Read more

What Levi’s® Can Teach Sneaker Brands About Celebrating Black History Month 


Levi’s® Employees Respond: What Does Black History Month Mean to You? on Off The Cuff Source: Levi’s® Employees Respond: What Does Black History Month Mean to You? | Off The Cuff Commodification happens so often that we overlook when it’s occurring and this contributes to apathy. Black people find themselves in the uncomfortable position of … Read more

Kawhi’s “Inspire The Dream” Collection From New Balance Should Do More Than Inspire Through Fashion


New Balance’s “Inspire The Dream” collection was inspired by Kawhi’s personal story Source: Kawhi’s “Inspire The Dream” Collection Launches Jan. 30 Updated: In my haste, I made a mistake by not completely researching the project created by New Balance. I utilized their PR from their site which unfortunately didn’t state who worked on this project … Read more

Ewing Athletics | The Black History Month Collection Captures the Essence of African-American Culture


The Ewing January Retro Collection will release in stores and online today with an MSRP of $125 for the 33 HI and $120 for the Eclipse and Concept. This collection is inspired by Black History Month and features a Black/Gold color theme. The 33 Hi features for the first time a modernized upper with weave … Read more

adidas Reveals New Product for ‘Arthur Ashe Tribute Collection’


Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : adidas Reveals New Product for ‘Arthur Ashe Tribute Collection’ adidas is making sure that it is handling the Black History Month launch of the Arthur Ashe collection with a confident cool that expresses a respect for the pioneer and civil rights tennis legend. While apparel is merely a representation of … Read more

Do Sneakers Trivialize Black History?


Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : adidas Unveils Arthur Ashe Tribute Collection For the last few years both Nike, Adidas and Under Armour have released shoes that bring to the attention of the sneaker world Black History. This year adidas will feature a tribute to tennis legend Arthur Ashe who was a staunch fighter for the … Read more

JmksportStore Exclusive: Buy One, Get One Free-Thank You Sale

While the other companies are attempting to capitalize on the upcoming Black History Month by creating a multitude of shoes in loud and heritage based colorways, I’m simply trying to continue the momentum JmksportStore has made over the last few months. If you’ve followed the blog, then you know that we have done okay for … Read more