Antepes Muscle Runner Trainers Work: 30 Day Follow-Up

Visit the website: I’ve had the Antepes Muscle Runner Training sneaker for over 30 days. I’ve done track workouts, ran stairs, done plyometric workouts and the sneaker doesn’t have any foam compression and the reinforced knit upper is still tight. Pros: The trainers really do help to target the quick twitch fibers and muscles … Read more

Antepes Muscle Runner: On Foot, Workout – Launch a Sneaker Company by Solving a Problem

I introduced ANTEPES during a video on Allbirds. The startup is the anti-Allbirds in that the founder is creating a sneaker company by solving a problem/providing a solution. Where many companies launch and aren’t really providing a solution for a problem, the Antepes Muscle Runner helps to create better runners, but I see an even … Read more